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The Land Yacht Marina: Luxury Liners

Strictly first class travel!

The Captain's Yacht at Delaware Cadillac, Wilmington, DE, the original selling dealer

Cadillac earns the Land Yacht Marina cup for being the greatest and most prolific shipbuilder of Land Yachts, bar none. Appropriately, Caddies are well represented on the Web. Here are the Marina's picks:

Rik Gruwez of Belgium is the administrator of the Cadillac Mailing List, an active listserv group of Cadillac owners worldwide (including your Captain and Dockmaster) who exchange tech and restoration info, purchasing advice, Cadillac lore, general camaraderie and just plain have FUN! Many CML'ers maintain websites dedicated to their favorite car:

The Marina welcomes a fleet of Lincoln links!

The Marina always looks forward to a visit from one of Chrysler's flagships, the Imperial. Although built in the smallest numbers by far of all the Luxury Liners, Imperials can be found online. The best place to start is The Imperial Web Pages, maintained by Tony Lindsey who also administers the Imperial Mailing List.

"Imperialists" will also enjoy this '63 Imperial page featuring a classic Tom McCahill road test report.

Elijah's Imperial Pages

Ed & Terry's Imperial Restoration Projects

By popular demand, the Marina now features a Packard section! It's appropriate, since Packard gave us the CLIPPER, with a ship's wheel on the grille and the dash. Here's the Marina's Packard selections:

Cabin Cruisers -- Silly Stuff -- Cargo Ships

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