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3rd Surgical Hospital

Unit Crest


Our Hospital Photo Selection
Vietnam 71-72
Hospital Headquarters Detachment HQ's
Registrar - A & D Mail Room
Personnel Admin CMS
Nursing Services Pharmacy
OR - Surgery X-Ray
Emergency Room Physical Therapy
Laboratory Mess Hall
Drug Rehab Medevac Area
Dental Clinic Our Club
Supply & Sevices Laundry
The Chapel The Red Cross
Motor Pool Miscellaneous

Note 1: Some of the identifying names are incorrect, or missing! If you can identify correctly, email me!
Note 2: All "highlighted" listings indicate a link to at least one photograph available for viewing!
Note 2: Any "unhighlighted" listing means that I don't have any photo's posted yet. Keep checking back !!

If you have photo's you would like posted on this site,
send the Webmaster an email, so we can determine how!
I can post any GIF or JPEG format graphics as email attachments,
or we will have to use the postal system, for a round trip so
I can scan what you are willing to send. All photo's returned!

Just email the webmaster for details. I will respond!

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