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3rd Surgical Hospital

Unit Crest


Unit Crest

The colors maroon and white are for the Medical Department;

blue aludes to the Presidential Citation Streamer.

The three stars on the triangle and the Phillipine sun

from the Phillipine Presidential Seal, refer to action

for which the hospital received the Phillipine Presidential

Unit Citation. The three stars are also for participation

in three wars, i.e., World War I, World War II, and Vietnam

and in addition, allude to the organization's designation.

The sun and staff of Aesculapius stand for the

mission of the Hospital. The sun, source of light, health

and healing, is an attribute of Apollo, Greek God of Medicine.

The number of the major rays - eight - is the numerical symbol

for regeneration. The staff entwined with the serpent is

the symbol of Aesculapius, famous physcian of the early

days of Greece, who was believed to be the son of Apollo.

Dragons are considered omens of good fortune in the Orient.

One refers to Papua on New Guinea, the Dragon-Shaped Island,

and to the action awarding the Presidential Unit Citation.

The other is for Vietnam and the Hospital's service in that country.


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