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These pictures were taken approximately two weeks before I moved into the Cottage. The rooms had all been painted a flat white, which to those who know me, was way too boring. Of course I had to color it up! (You'll see Mike's mom Carol in a couple of these pictures.)


These pictures were all taken on December 25, 2002. Can you make out the Cottage under all that snow??? In a couple of the pictures you can see my old-fashioned colorful Christmas lights, and I even have pictures of my very first Christmas tree! (Ask me about the lights experience one of these days...LOL)


Due to an overwhelming request from friends and family to see recent Cottage pictures, I borrowed my Uncle Mike's digital camera on June 8, 2003 and went a little camera happy! In this gallery you'll find exterior shots of the Enchanted Forest as well as pictures of every single room in the house, including the "World's Smallest Window" in the bathroom. (Hey, you asked for it!)


In here you'll find "before and after" pictures of all the rooms. They are the same pictures that are already in the "Before" and "Spring 2003" albums, just put side by side so that you can see how much the apartment has changed since I moved in.

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