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Manny Kopplestein

Manny Kopplestein

Manny...gone but not forgotten!!


Manny was eaten by this shark moments after this shot was taken. God Rest Manny Kopplestein!

Manny's Hobbies

He loved his fish, and this one fish truly loved Manny. Photo was taken by his lovely widow Myra Kopplestein moments before this shark turned on Manny and devoured him.

What did Manny love to do?

Interviewed by 20/20 in September 2002, Myra told Barbara Walters that Manny's first love was swimming with the sharks. While many would question why..Manny simply would smile and say .."dolphins are dull!". Manny knew the danger involved but this was a man who laughed in the face of danger. Manny Kopplestein,,,American Hero! Sit back and listen to Myra's lovely musical composition in memory of Manny entitled "Pieces of Manny". Myra plans to complete a CD in his memory for release in early 2006 entitled "The many pieces of Manny". Watch for it on in '06!

My Favorite Places

The greatest source for Electronic Components in the world!
Who's that knockin' @ my door?
One Mo' Time....

The Greatest Living Soccer Player in the World!

The Greatest Soccer Team in the World! GO Bohemia Bobcats!