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Michael Gandolfi's Realm : Male Model


***SITE ALERT*** 10.09.03

Site Moving

The evacuation takes a bit longer than I'd expected due to technical problems. However, the mailing list members have been directed to the new URL, with recent updates and pictures. I won't be updating any news or pics here (only site alert), so if you're a regular visitor, please check in again for the new URL in a few days! Thank you for your visits and patience. I've been receiving wonderful hits, and I hope you'll come back again to see more of Michael.

08.09.03 New scan Strenesse 03 in Gallery. Also, you're seeing an adorable Michael Doll in Fendi suit on the showcase. Let the artist know you appreciate her work!

06.09.03 New scans Faconnable FW03 in Gallery.

05.09.03 New scans Nicole Farhi FW03 and Lagerfeld 02 in Gallery.

Plus, welcome new members in Michael's mailing list. It's a pleasure to have welcomed you here. Michael's link is now on Charles Speed et al at It makes my day. If you want update, go Subscribe.

Also, there're viewers from USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Asia Pacific! Isn't this Michael's small world? :)

03.09.03 New scans Nicole Farhi and Fendi in Gallery.

Also, I've revamped the graphics on the pages, and added Mailing List and Poll. Hope you like it :)

31.08.03 Model 2003 VOTE! Vote for Michael on Michael is on page 5, with profile (his B-day!) and 20 screengrabs from

Cast your vote for Michael now!

31.08.03 As promised, new scans in Gallery, Veronique Branquinho set in Homme Arena Plus SS.03. Big files alert ;)

Also, I put a Michael showcase for fun as you see on this page...Renaissance Michael.

26.08.03 a new "Michael" wallpaper in Gallery.

25.08.03 "Portrait of Michael Gandolfi" fanart in Gallery. I think Michael has a face for such a Renaissance painting.

24.08.03 New Michael wallpaper in Gallery.

After furious hunts at bookshops and weekend markets, I've found lots of old and new pics of him in various magazines, and will upload them within next week. Please stay tune!

23.08.03 Vote for Michael! No, this isn't some California governor campaign, but
is running a vote on their site to find a 'monthly feature'. Michael ranks No. 4 at 14%. Cast your vote now! It takes only seconds ;).

22.08.03 Gallery update: revamped and new pics added (Miu Miu and CK 2002) from mmw02H on yahoogroups.

21.08.03 **Site Status** Angelfire seems to be having banner ads problem with free members using frames. If you see the notices running all over the contents, please be noticed it is on the server's end.

21.08.03 Michael scan: Tommy Hilfiger print ad from Glamour, Sept. 2003. Found at Khao Sarn Road one evening.

18.08.03 New section "Fashion in Films" was created, featuring movies about fashion (coming soon) and "Well-Dressed Male Characters", a combination of film and fashion dedicated to Michael.

16.08.03 New Michael pic on "Our" featuring a Tommy print ad. Visit for the scan.

15.08.03 Michael's profile on "" with 2 pics but they misinformed about his eye color.

14.08.03 Michael's pics and quicklist on "", a big thing we see on the net!

14.08.03 Birthday of this site

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