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A combination of film and fashion dedicated to the model who wants to be an actor.

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Well-dressed Male Characters

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"Special Agent Fox Mulder"

Despite his notorious choices of tie, this X-Files agent has very fine taste in his suit, sponsored by Armani. We always doubted that his FBI salary could have covered those outfits and Omega watch...

"Shinzon of Remus"

Badboy of Star Trek: Nemesis made a stunning apperance in his elegant 'polyvinylchloride' gown (according to a chemist) and shaved-head, creating a fetishist look. As the Praetor of the warbird Scimitar, Shinzon was shown only in his beetle-like Reman uniform, being described as 'insectoid'. It was an outfit that was gracious, yet masculine and athlethic. One costume that made a very lasting impression!

"Tyler Durden"

In Tyler we trust. Tyler is not only the father of a distorted universe for men called Fight Club; he's also an epitome of 'Mismatched' that made us wonder...where did he find all those clothes, hopefully not dumpsters.

"Jerome Eugene Morrow"

Jerome is a genetically 'flawless' human from Gattaca, a futuristic sci-fi with extraordinary quest about humanity, what makes a man perfect. He became crippled and lent his identity to the obsolete natural man , Vincent Freeman. Gattaca was among films that were invaded by Armani sponsorship back then.


submitted by Elecktra Alexander, England

What Neo has achieved most might not be saving humans from The Matrix, but bringing sunglasses into a new fashion statement with his neo-noir look.

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