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Additional Resources

My Social Stories Book
Type of Resource: Book
Carol Gray
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub; 1st edition (March 1, 2002)
ISBN: 1853029505
Synopsis: This book would be helpful to any parent, educator, or caregiver who is looking "to teach social and life skills to children on the autism spectrum." ( This book includes short, step-by-step narratives that teach young children how to deal with simple social situations and life skills such as brushing teeth, meeting another person, using the bathroom, and sharing toys.

Incorporating Social Goals In the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers and Parents with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome
Type of Resource: Book
Rebecca A. Moyes and Susan J. Moreno
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub (May 2001)
ISBN: 185302967x
Synopsis: This book would be very helpful to the educator who would like to incorporate social skills goals into the curriculum of a child in his or her class with Autism or Aspergers. It is especially helpful in discussing appropriate social goals and assessments regarding IEPs. The goals include topics such as understanding body language, reciprocal conversation, and voice inflection. In addition, it provides lesson plans to facilitate a child's growth so that they meet these goals.

Autism Treatment Center of America - Home of the Son-Rise Program
Retrieved from the World Wide Web March 28, 2003
Synopsis: This site is useful to parents or educators to familiarize themselves with the little known Son-Rise Program. The site is meant to be advertisement for the program, and does not tend to provide accurate positive and negative research about both sides of the method. However, it does discuss the general philosophy, history, and implementation, as well as provide resources about where more information can be obtained.

Teaching Children With Autism
Retrieved from the World Wide Web March 21, 2003
Synopsis: This site is "a resource driven by parents and professionals who are teaching children with autism." ( It may not be updated regularly, but contains excellent information on a variety of topics about autism. Educators looking for information on workboxes, social stories, visual supports, adaptive technology, data sheets, how to make PECS icons, or ABA can find information on this website. It also includes links to other websites as well as informative articles.