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Marist College Remember When...?

Remember your first day of school? Whoever thought college could go by so fast?

Remember the activities fair? Joining SPC? The first SPC meeting?

Remember the first time meeting someone? How about seeing that person 3, 4, 5 times each and every day?

Remember your first parents weekend? Setting up the stage? Rockapella?

Remember late night "unofficial" parties (room 713)? Watching millionaire? And following it online?

Remember the warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing that you always had friends close by when you needed them?

Remember the Winter Semi-Formal? Cotton Eye Joe? YMCA? That's What Friends Are For?

Remember all of the events? Barry and Pat? Neil? Third Eye Blind? Tonic?

Remember the pizza song? Going to the Palace after a job well done?

Remember dropping the cross? Scotch taping it? Lift High the Cross?

Remember children's theater? Pratices in 713? A bunny costume? A jester costume? A fisherman's costume?

Remember "Get it? Egg...Yolk...I'm so funny, I just crack myself up..."?

Remember James', uhh, special bed with the special name? The one we used for movies and stuff?

Remember the bed with the special name? And the pole? And the hole?

Remember the days we spent down by the river? How happy we were to just be with our friends?

Remember the plunger?

Remember that Valentines Day where I fell off the chair in the Caf? But I didn't drop the cup or spill my soda!!

Remember the rubber twizzlers? The special trick I could do with them? How much Chris enjoyed chewing on them?

Remember the dinners? Eating with SPC and about 15 other people? Moving tables in the Caf to accomodate? Staying about 40 min after it was closed?

Remember almost getting kicked out of Friendlys? And the Walrus?

Remember the car rides? Buttercup? Sweet Caroline?

Remember Billy? (Need I say more?)

Remember dressing James as a girl?

Remember Chris' odd infatuation with Continental? And with Gordon? While we're at it, also with Regis??

Remember someone (a little drunk, perhaps?!?) wondering what it would be like to suck toes?

Remember the trains?

Remember Thanksgiving at Marist? Hunger month? The hunger banquet? Kristin being in the first world the second year?

Remember Christmas at Marist? The Giving Tree? The Christmas mass when the altar was full of bikes, toys, and gifts? The candlelight service? Singing Carols after mass?

Remember the groundhogs? How their population at Marist was almost greater than the student population?

Remember those skunks? Almost running into them when you ventured outside at night? Thank God they were used to strange students and were not as easily startled as we were!!!

Remember Bob-o? And Alex? And Ivy? And Deb? And Dean Cox? And Dr. Moses? How about Hem, Audrey, Andrea, Brother Tom, Colin, John Fink, Father LaMorte, Brother Michael, and Brother Frank?

Remember having to swipe every time you wanted to get into your building?

Remember the WONDERFUL Cabaret food? The pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, and nuggets that we all love so much?

Remember those who have selective hearing? A specific group which contains a y-chromosome?

Remember going to Great Adventure? Sitting on the front of Batman? Keeping my eyes open!?! And when the ride broke down?

Remember those Kareoke nights? God, were we awful?!!?

Remember Ralphie? Did we ever figure out if he ended up in Florida or if he walked with the Class of 2001?

Remember being up 'till all hours of the night (morning) just talking?

Remember when a certain SOMEONE got his license? Stay off the sidewalkes!!

Remember the Mile High Club? Who ended up joining that? Maybe you can explain how it works!!!

Remember a certain ornament being broken right before the dance? And the fact that the next year, they replaced them with plastic or something unbreakable?

Remember doing YMCA on the desks in SGA?

Remember the most annoying sound in the world?

Remember barking like a dog? Understanding the answers?

Remember being AMAZED at the rolled hay?

Remember Little Bunny Fo-Fo? IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!

Remember playing Snood 27/7? Having EVERY computer in SGA loaded with it? Mike, you will NOT win!!!

Remember Sarah's huge pet frog? Have you found that thing yet?

Remember the long nights before graduation, just wondering?

Remember wondering what that day would be like, never believing that it would come, and it being a beautiful day?

Remember interviewing for jobs? And the feeling of pride knowing that you made it?

Remember how great it feels that we are still in contact and knowing that, no matter what, we will always be friends?

Remember that you guys are the best and there will always be a special place for all of you that I met here at Marist. Thank you for the memories. There are many things that you may want to add to this list. Feel free to e-mail me and I'll add them. This is a collective memory site...