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The Referral

1. Request an Evaluation - If you, your child, a teacher, or another adult working with your child notices that your child is having difficulty, he may request further evaluation to determine whether or not your child is eligible for services. You MUST give permission for this evaluation to be conducted.

2. Evaluation - The results of this evaluation will be reviewed by a team of specialists, who will determine if your child is eligible for services.

3. Notification - You will be notified as to whether or not your child is eligible for services.

4. IEP Meeting - If your child is eligible, you and a team of teachers and specialists will have a meeting to discuss the services that are provided to your child. You are an equal member of this team and you are allowed (or, in some states, required) to have a parent advocate along to make sure that your child recieves the services that he deserves.

5. IEP - Your child's individualized education plan (IEP) includes all services that your child is eligible for as well as benchmarks for progress. This is a legal document, and the services listed on the IEP MUST be provided to your child.

6. Services - Your child will be given the services written on the IEP. By law, each of these services must be met.

7. Yearly Evaluation - You and your child's IEP team will meet once a year to discuss progress and make any necessary changes in the IEP.

8. Re-Evaluation - Every three years, your child must be re-evaluated, and the IEP must be re-written.

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