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Services Available
for Your Child

One of the most significant parts of the referral process is choosing services that will help your child to learn. You should inquire about the services available so that you you can contribute to the process of deciding what is best for your child. There is a wide range of possibilities from modifications to your child's current program to changing the program your child is enrolled in. Remember that each child is an individual, and what works for some does not work for all. Also, services are geared toward specific learning needs, and are not appropriate for your child. Below is a list of some possible modifications and programs available. There are also some websites with additional possibilites. Keep in mind that the purpose of these services is not to classify your child, but to provide them with the greatest possibility to learn and grow.


Push-In Program
Inclusion Classroom
Resource Room
Pullout Program
Self-Contained Classroom
Alternative School


Extended Time
Written Notes
Shortened Assignments
Oral Responses
Tests read aloud
Use of Word Processor

Keep in mind that these just some examples of services available to you and your child. The following websites will provide you with other possibilities. Remember that these modifications are made on an individual basis. If you think something will help your child, be sure to verbalize that to a teacher or parent advocate.

Possible Modifications