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Why Should I Refer
My Child?

Night after night, you watch your child struggle with homework. He's beginning to hate school and he feels stupid. You know he's very bright, and you can't understand why he does not grasp academic material. Sound familiar? Millions of other parents face the same dilemma. Simply because your child is having difficulty in school does not mean that he is "stupid" or "dumb." It means that material needs to be presented to him in a way that makes sense to him. It is very important for you to remember that, by law, it is the responsibility of the system to cater to the needs of your child. The purpose of public education is to give each child an opportunity to learn and prepare for adulthood so that they become productive members of society. The purpose of special education is to provide children who have special needs services that will allow them an equal opportunity to succeed later in life. Your child is entitled to the services that he is provided and deserves every opportunity to be successful.