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My Lighter Collection

They Just Work!!!

Hello and welcome to my lighter collection page. I collect lighters from the 1940's to present in new or near mint shape, Zippo®'s that are limited, discontinued, were put out in sets or series and lighters from other companies that are no longer made that I just think look good.

There are many types of people who collect Zippo® lighters, some collect older vintage, military, styles that may have links to their past or what they might like and have an interest in.

Many companies have used Zippo® lighters for advertising and artist have contributed their work making the lighters a work of art in themselves and I find that using lighters as a canvas can bring their art to those that may not be able too or cannot afford it on print and also because of this you need not be a smoker to have an interest in collecting Zippo's only an interest in lighters made by an American company with a long history of producing quality products.

Just click on the links to the left to view my collection of over 400 lighters, Zippo® history, Zippo® lighter dating, Lighter collecting FAQs, other companies lighters and Zippo® related stuff and thanks for stopping by.

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