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MANTIS Nada's Weekly Wrap Up

New TPS Cover Memo

This notice goes out to all MANTISES (especially MANTIS Brain). Please make sure that all TPS reports from now on contain the new cover sheet format. The format is simple and I see no need to repeat it here. In the case that you might have forgotten what the cover sheet looks like I am sure someone around the office knows just ask them.

In Other News

In other news, MANTIS Goldfish and myself had a wonderful time over in Singapore attempting to establish a new base over there. I think the work that we did will pay off shortly and we will all reap the benefits. Also we hope that the orphanage we built works out well for the wee ones.


I, MANTIS Nada, will be appearing at Harvard, Yale, as well as several street corners this month to talk about issues involving the Vietnam War. In particular the why’s and when’s of particular combat situations. These lectures should be interest because I do have a tendency to curse a lot. I hope to see you there.

MANTIS Goldfish is rumored to appear as a speaker during a congressional hearing on Tuesday April 17, 2001, where he will discuss world hunger and the MANTIS movement as a whole. It is going to be an intriguing speech from what I hear and I hope you can make it down.

MANTIS Brain will be giving a speech at a NASA retirement party in Ft. Myers, Florida. I am sure nothing productive will come from this speech cause Brain is only a janitor there, I don’t even know if can be considered an appearance, but hey at least the guy is out there getting shit done… unless of course it is a TPS report in which he has to see me about the cover sheet… USE THE NEW FORMAT BRAIN…. NEW FORMAT!!

Since MANTIS Orko and MANTIS Diablia are unemployed you would think that they would be making many appearances, but alas they really have nothing important Say nor would they endless babble help move our organization forward.

Well that’s that… Vice President MANTIS Nada signing off… enjoy your week fellas.