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A Word From MANTISGoldfish

Today, Monday, February 26, 2001 is the the debut of the MANTIS Society webpage and right now it seems rather timid, but once the ball gets rolling everything will come together. I personally have been waiting a long time for this new Society to rise from the ashes of the previous MANTIS organization. That organization lacked leadership by one MANTISZero, however that will not be the case in this organization. At the time there are only two members of MANTIS, they are MANTISNada and myself, MANTISGoldfish. We are working on a formal application for all potential MANTIS members. This application will be somewhat like a test to see if you are MANTIS material. Hopefully it will be completed and ready to send out by the end of this week. However, for those of you who claim to be a member of the previous MANTIS organization, you are not automatically a member of this society. You must go through the application process like any other person.