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4/17/01- It's been a long time since we last posted some news, but believe me, it is well worth the wait. I am still recuperating from an incident last week when I was assaulted by a non-believer in a parking lot. Unfortunatly, it was either him or me. So in my heart, I believe I did the right thing. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted from this tragic incident and I will be taking a couple days off. I will be back hopefully by next week. Till then all potentials and current MANTISes send email regarding the society to MANTIS Nada. Good day, and godspeed.

4/9/01- Greetings fellow MANTISes, MANTIS Nada and myself were in Singapore for the past week for scouting purposes. The profiles page is up and I apologize for the lack of immediate response to all the applications I have been recieving from aspiring MANTISes. Keep the applications coming! The more the merrier.

3/26/01- Hey members, We are still taking applications for membership, and just a reminder for all of you out there who are aspiring MANTISes: there are absoultly no membership dues. This society is free to join and stay a member of. Thank you!

3/22/01- Greetings fellow MANTISES. I have two important pieces of information I have to notify you of. First, I'm sure you are all dumbfounded as of the whereabouts of myself and MIXMANTIS Greg, but I assure you we are both alright. I took a little vacation to Pakistan for recruiting purposes. Greg stayed here, confined in my closet, however he entertained himself by playing with a pair of dirty socks which he created into sock puppets. We will notify you if he plans to go professional with this new act. Other news of the day is the chance encounter I had with a fan from some immature punk band called ASOB. God knows what thats supposed to mean but I think they are in serious need of an attitude adjustment, MANTIS style. For those of you who seem confused, I will give you the low down. Basically these ASOB characters picked a fight with a prominent Long Island based punk band called The Runs. I have had contact with The Runs the past couple of days and they are a great bunch. They are all smart and witty people, especially Mike Z. While speaking To Mr. Z. I couldn't help to notice his resemblence to one of my old cronnies from my tenure in Vietnam. Sgt. Vorhvnn was a very intelligent and intimidating man, and Mike Z. shares many of his qualities. Anyway, I just thought I'd inform you fellow MANTISES that I feel a disturbance in the force, and we may have to act.

3/8/01- Hey everyone, today is a great day in MANTIS history. Not only is it MANTIS Orko's 20th birthday, but we are pleased to welcome an new MANTIS to our family. Click the link below to find out who it is!


3/6/01- Sorry about the lack of updated news the last couple days. MANTIS has been busy the past couple days with a top secret espionage mission. However, what I can disclose at the time is that we have Mixmaster Greg from the very succesful Long Island punk band The Runs in custody. He was a little figity at first but we sedated him and strapped him to a chair. His capture came to no suprise to the members of The Runs. They were notified weeks ago about Mixmaster Greg's involvement in the Minelli drug ring case in Rochester, New York. The reason for our involvement is that we, MANTIS, agreed to locate, capture, and interegate Mixmaster Greg in accordance with a contract we made with the state of New York and the city Rochester. MANTIS has a very successful record in tracking down criminals on the run and we took much pleasure in accepting this assignment. All this morning and afternoon we have been administering electro shocks and pain treatment to Mixmaster Greg. There is a picture of the interegation at the link below to show that he is still alive. I will keep all of you concerned people updated.

3/1/01- Today is the beginning of the month and I felt it was about time to give back to the community. I decided to put on my exoskeleton suit, which gives me superhuman strength and agility, and wipe out the scum on the streets. I had my friend Steve videotape it. Check it out in the download section! As for the Infamoous MANTIS Poll, Lisa is the winner. In the event that we cannot find her, I will be hiring a sketch artist to draw a realistic picture of her.

2/28/01- The application section is finally up and I am exhausted. I called the Bronx Zoo and I regret to inform all of you voters that Lisa has escaped. Supposedly, she gave head to one of her keepers in exchange for the opening of her cage. Her whereabouts are unknown at the time, however I will keep you posted on the story as it develops.

2/27/01- As of today Lisa has a decent lead ahead of the other contenders for MANTISMascot. I'll keep the poll up until I feel I have given the other nominees on the list a fair chance to catch up. If they do not, I will make arrangements with the Bronx Zoo to have Lisa removed from her pen and over to Society of MANTIS custody.

2/26/01- Greeting from MANTIS Headquarters. Actually presently at the time I am still working out of my dorm room. However, once the Society gets rolling I'm sure we will move the base of operation to a more respectable locale. For those of you who are unaware of the goals and ambitions of the MANTIS Society, please take a look at the "Word From MANTISGoldfish" and our Q & A page. The poll,quotes, and links are up as of this afternoon.

Very Graphic. You have been warned...