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Application For Membership

Greetings! MANTISGoldfish here, copy the application and paste it in a word document, type in the appropriate answers then mail it to me.

MANTIS Society Membership Application The MANTIS Society is a tightly woven organization and we only accept people of the highest standards and character. To verify whether or not you are MANTIS material, you must answer all questions on this application. Simply type in your responses in the space next to each question and when you have finished save the document. If you do not answer all the questions, MANTIS will view your ignorance as a slap in the face and then subsequently kill you. This application must be answered to the best of your abilities and all statements made must be factual, or we will kill you. That is what we call MANTISHumor…when you have completed this application it would be appreciated if you send it to You will receive a response sometime in the next following days on whether you are accepted or denied membership.

1. Full Name:

2. Address: Street: City: State: Zip Code:

3. Age:

4. Race:

5. Occupation:

6. Level of Education:

7. If You Attend a School, Which One:

8. Number of Dependents:

Answer The Following Questions in “Yes” or “No” Nature, Unless Specified: 2. If so, which one?

3. Do you own any pets?

4. If so, what are they and give names?

5. Do you have any political powers?

6. If so, explain:

7. If MANTISFather asked you to kill a raccoon and throw it in Steve Tsapelas’ underwear drawer, would you do it?

8. If MANTISFather asked you to wear nikes and drink the berry kool-aid he made, would you comply with his wishes?

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1. What do you think you can contribute to MANTIS (ex. You know karate, how to make gunpowder, know how to fly, etc)?

2. Do you think that Steve Tsapelas, based on his character and his inability to run with due speed, should be accepted into MANTIS. Explain your argument in detail?

2. Would you favor a MANTIS Society in which we get drunk and high on the weekends and conduct organizational facility reparations during the weekdays or a society in which we get drunk and high during organizational facility reparations in the weekdays and weekends? Explain in detail your argument.

3. What issues would you like to see the MANTIS Society take stands on?

4. List and give detailed descriptions of people you wish for MANTIS to destroy, maim, slightly injure, spit on, or insult in a “Quick! Yell something out the window!” drive by: