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Me and JohnLMe and JohnAndrea and Matt

My boys. Top left is me and John, my Starbucks boy. We met four years ago at work and have been tight ever since. Top middle is a different John. We met in high school and dated! But we broke up when he got kicked out. Yes, he was a bad boy, but he's turned over a new leaf and now we're really good friends and I adore him AND he's gorgeous. Top right is my best friend Andrea with our friend Matt. He's been with us since junior high and is currently trying to be a firefighter. He's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.

Andy playing guitarMe and Simon

On the left here we have Andy, my favorite Cal Lu boy. We've been friends since freshman year and he's still the funniest person I know who never EVER worries about anything. Ever. He makes me try to be less obsessive and anal about my life. He's also a rockin' 80's fan, so we love him. On the right is Simon, another ex. It's been four years since we dated, so it's safe to say we're really close. These two are my best guys.