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Lindsey, Michelle, CarolineMe and EmilyMe and Becca

These are my ladies. Top left we have Caroline, Lindsey and Michelle. My high school chicas who I miss and don't get to see nearly enough of anymore. Middle is my best Cal Lu friend and roommate for probably the rest of my life, Emily. She's exactly like me and we spend pretty much our entire days together, 7 days a week. I couldn't survive without her. Top right is Becca, the best thing that happened to me when I worked at Starbucks. That's where we met, five years ago. She currently goes to USCB so I get to see her a lot. She's just one of those people who is normal. She has no weird things about her. We cherish that in a world of weirdos.

Me and AndreaMe, Andrea, Natalie

These are my two best friends from home. They're sisters, believe it or not. That's Andrea and I on the left, and me, Andrea, Natalie on the right. Natalie and I spent all of high school together; inseparable. We talk everyday and see each other all the time since she goes to UCLA. These two ladies make going home totally worthwhile. We always have fun together, even if we're doing nothing. They are my life. Funny how as you get older friends become just as important as family.