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Ricardo's Profile

Above: Ricardo sports his Jewish hairs on both his chins during  Advanced Theatre Dancing, first period with Mr. Huomere.

 Height: 5'8"

Weight: 200lbs

Hobbies: football

Turn ons: nice face and good breasts

Turn offs: girls with facial hair

Hair color: dirty blond

Eye Color: blue

Prefers to wear boxers

Inspiring Song: "Here without you" by 3 Doors Down has inspired me to reach out and help my peers with personal issues.

Coolest thing you've done: Called Bri Berardi and asked her out just to get rejected.

Hottest Girl: Used to be Bri, but Danielle Brock gives head which turns me on and I like cold sores a lot.

Most Dangerous thing you've done: Eat three foot-long hot dogs in under five minutes. Trust me, it's nothing like sucking dick.

Above: Ricardo's eyes glow red when he is told that anal sex with males is indeed considered gay amongst the average population.