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Orange LLama's Profile

Above: llama before a much anticipated trip to Cancun where he will supposedly get his "mack" on.

Height: 6'0"

Weight:  190 lbs.

 His idea of a romantic date: Is masturbating on top of his game cube.

Hobbie: Over-dosing on gay pills.

Inspiring Song: Anything by KoRn and SlipKnot. It demonstrates the aggression I have towards other people for their hatred of the color orange.

Why does SlipKnot suck?: FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Why is your profile so short?: Because....because, uhhhh. I gotta go over dose on gay pills.

Above: Llama returns from Cancun to begin his gay streak. When asked why he returned orange his answer simply was "I was sun bathing, showing my hot body and when I woke up I was orange and had llama shit on me." Hence earning the name Orange Llama. (Note: Llama was EXTREMELY unsuccessful on "macking" girls on this trip, it was confirmed by him that he made love to his fingers and game cube every night.)