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Dah Tah G's Profile

Above: Dah Tah interrupted during his quiet time in the High School Library, shown reading his all time favorite Brother of Mine.

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 223 lbs.

How long is your penis? I haven't measured it.

Turn ons- hot body, nice face, good sense of humor, sports fan
Turn offs- canadian women, french women

Hobbies: hockey, watching tv, burning stuff, getting my ass kicked by Kevin Corley, reading Richard's famous poem to Mallory while working. Work=spanking my monkey

Do you think Phil is cute? no

Which do you prefer more anal sex or vaginal sex? Anal. Are you giving or receiving? Both.

Who would you rather have sex with joe eisenbong or mr. corta? I'd do both, but I had to pick, Corta.

Whats your idea of a perfect date? We go out to dinner and fuck.

Above: Dah Tah is dazed and confused after the Rangers lose another game, and it is confirmed by sources that Zach Gowen is gay.

Above: Serious preparation by Dah Tah for an upcoming mud wrestling tournament sponsored by Mr. Huomere. (Note: Dave lost in the finals to Al Lucia.)