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BHL: Basement Hockey League

Last Updated: 10/6/03


Dave out for remainder of season!

BHL Dr. Yin-Soa Choi  examined Dave on Friday, and has informed the League that Dave may miss the remainder of the season with facial lacerations. Dave is scheduled to have surgery this Wednesday. There is a possibility of a speedy recovery and a return for the next BHL depending on how the operation goes.

Doug gets a win!

Doug Casey will be appearing at T.G.I. Fridays next Sunday, celebrating his first win with the fans and signing autographs for free.

Justin to get a League Hearing!

A League Hearing has been scheduled for Justin Eisinger. This meeting will determine whether Justin will receive disciplinary action for his conduct on Friday.

Will Justin receive disciplinary action?

Yes, what he did to Dave was brutal.
No, he's not Jewish.