Blood Leave

ELM 519.51 Blood Donations

519.511 Policy

All postal employees are urged to cooperate fully with the public blood donation programs for the health and security of their community. The time necessary includes the time required for travel and the time required by the medical facility to process the blood donations.

519.512 Time Allowed

The following provisions concern time allowed for blood donations:

a. General Allowance. Postal employees may be excused for that period of time deemed reasonably necessary to cover any absence from regular tours of duty to make voluntary blood donations, without remuneration, to the Red Cross, the community, or other nonprofit blood bank. This regulation does not apply to those employees who participate in this program on their own time, off duty.

b. Additional Time. In the case of employees in occupations for which the blood bank recommends additional time off following the blood donation, the time necessary includes the additional time recommended by the blood bank. Every effort should be made to have blood donations for such employees scheduled near the end of their tour of duty.

519.513 Restrictions

The following provisions concern restrictions on time allowed for blood donations:

a. The time allowed may in no instance exceed 8 hours. A full day’s administrative leave may be granted only when there are unusual circumstances, such as in rural areas where considerable travel may be involved. It is not intended that a full day’s administrative leave be granted any employee for donating blood when the blood bank or facility is nearby.

b. Administrative leave for blood donation may be granted during a regular tour of the employee’s basic workweek, but only on the date of the blood donation. It is not granted to employees on suspension or in any nonpay status.

519.514 Facility Arrangements

For group donations, postmasters or installation heads make arrangements with the blood bank to provide facilities (mobile) for on-site participation or arrange the hours of donation to present the least interruption and cost to the Postal Service.

519.52 Bone Marrow, Stem Cell, Blood Platelet, and Organ Donations

519.521 Policy

Career postal employees who wish to donate bone marrow, stem cells, blood platelets, or organs may be granted administrative leave, subject to the

519.522 Employee Benefits Leave

ELM 17.13 Contents Index 348

ELM 17.13, January 5, 2006 limitations in 519.522, with appropriate management approval. Administrative leave is not available to bone marrow or organ recipients.

519.522 Time Limitations The maximum administrative leave that can be granted per leave year to cover qualification and donation is limited to the following:

a. To a full-time career employee:

(1) For bone marrow, 3 days.

(2) For stem cells, 3 days.

(3) For blood platelets, 3 days.

(4) For organs, 14 days.

b. To a part-time career employee:

(1) For bone marrow, 1 1/2 days.

(2) For stem cells, 1 1/2 days.

(3) For blood platelets, 1 1/2 days.

(4) For organs, 7 days.