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Stardate 10.06.2000

Stardate 10.06.2000


If you find that your route is overburden and don't want to work that overtime you have a right to request a special mail count and route inspection. Part of that requirement for the special test is that your route show 30 minutes of overtime and or auxiliary assistance on each of 3 days or more in each week for 6 consecutive weeks, prior to the request. Management then has 4 weeks to determine if that request is valid. Management usually examines the T AC reports and or Work Load Status reports. Sometimes these reports are not accurate; therefore it is incumbent to keep your own records. These reports would include all PS Forms 3996 and 1571. These forms would show that you may not have worked overtime on your route but received auxiliary help or curtailment. It is very important that when you file these forms you make duplicate copies. These forms will help you if management determines that the route does not qualify because you may not have gone into an overtime situation on a particular week or day. By having copies of these forms the union can prove that you may have been told to curtail mail or were given auxiliary help.

F or some reason if you do not qualify this does not mean you cannot reapply, simply wait another 6 weeks and file for the special route exam again.

This is a right that the employees have under Article 19 of the National Agreement. The provision is in the M- 39 handbook section 271 g.

There is one exception to that provision and that would be the month of December. However, if a period of overtime and or auxiliary assistance begins in November and continues into January, then January is considered consecutive period.

So if you qualify for a Special Mail Count and Inspection you can call the branch; we have special forms for this request or you can ask management for a PS Form 0-13 and put the request on that form, make sure you sign and date it, get the supervisor to sign it and keep a copy for your records. To all our union brothers, sisters, and their families a happy and healthy holiday season.

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