The Chief Steward's Report

Stardate 10.06.2000


FROM: The Brooklyn Beat - Fall 2006

There are many instances where management instructs you on how to work the mail. Sometimes the instructions just don't make any sense. Your natural reaction is to complain or argue or just to keep on doing what you are doing. That's where things begin to go wrong for you; management moves in and watches you closer, then starts micro managing, and before you know it you're receiving discipline.

The branch has had to defend several disciplines from the members on casing flats. Management instructs carriers to cradle several inches of flats on their forearm and case the flats into the carrier case. Carriers have been disciplined for placing the flats on the ledge and then casing the flats one at a time. Management disciplines these carriers for failure to follow instructions and time wasting practices.

We know that sometimes it's impossible to case flats when the separations are full with letter size mail and the only way to case is to place the flats down on the ledge and use two hands to rack the flats.

Well, if you're the person management doesn't like, you're the one they discipline. The charge of time wasting practice does not hold up most of the time, but the Failure to Follow Instructions is the one most likely to be added to your folder. The Branch is instructing you to follow orders; if the use of two hands is needed to case flats, get permission.

When this instruction of how to case flats occurs, follow the instruction and have the steward file a grievance on the improper instruction. The M 41 instructs carriers on how to case flats;

225 Casing Magazines, Papers, Flats, etc. (page 22, M 41)
225.1 Two-Bundle System

225.12 Sort the flats into the proper separations - the memorized streets and numbers - and sort the balance by streets, on the ledge.

As far as time wasting practice goes there is still the 18 and 8 standard that the carriers must maintain (See page 3, M 41);

Exhibit 121.11
Maximum Time Allowance For Routing Mail Column (A): Letter-size (ordinary letters, cards, and circulars). Column (8): Mail of all other sizes and insured.

Form 1838 Pieces Per Minute
Line No. Work Function 1-Trip 2-Trip

1 Routing letter-size mail. . ..... 18
2 Routing all other size mail. (Use Notice 26, Maximum Time Allowance for Routing Mail, to convert pieces to minutes.) 8

Remember Follow the Instruction and file a grievance after.

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