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...from the Fall 2006 Brooklyn Beat.
Brooklyn Beat Editor / MDA Chairperson: DARRELL BERUBE

On May 21, we had our 3rd Annual Steve Witkowski Bowl-A-Thon for Muscular Dystrophy which was targeted toward the M.D.A. summer camp for children. I want to thank John Murphy from James E Davis Station for helping on Sundays plus his day off getting gift certificates and prizes for the bowl-a-thon which total to about $4,000.00. I would also like to thank everyone that helped at the bowling alley selling raffle tickets. I'm glad to say we raised more then $25,000.00. This is $5,000.00 more then last year. I want to thank everyone that took the time to come with their families and friends to bowl for Muscular Dystrophy. We all had a great and fantastic time especially the kids with the two young ladies that entertained them with their face painting, temporary tattoos, plus lots more. I also want to thank the President of Jamaica Branch 562, Andrew Weiner and his family plus Paul Rallo for attending our event and we can't forget WKTU radio station for entertaining everyone with their music and karaoke show featuring our bowlers.

Listed below are the prize winners: Brian Feldman Bay Station; Sarah Jones Canarsie Station; Angela Roberts(2prizes)Ryder Station; Israel Rivera(2prizes)Canarsie Station; Barbara Raduazzo Midwood Station; Hana Holland(2prizes) FDR School; Arthur Serrago(2prizes) FOR School; Richard Banks FOR School; Rafael Laporte Times Plaza Station; Anthony Kruithoff; Ana Kruithoff; from Bob Vitale's group, Jose Rakheren Kensington Station, Pat Dietrich(2prizes) Ryder Station, Darlene Vicari Ryder Station; Marie Tartaglione(2prizes) Midwood Station; Alvaro Rodriguez East New York Station; Luther McCoy Brownsville Station; Tony Martucci GPO Station; Man Wong Bay Station; Gregory Lepani Bath Beach Station; Bob Vitale Vice President; Orsola Bonnilla FDR School; Josephine Cannucci(2prizes) Bob Vitale's group; Kathy Harrington Ryder Station; Armando Guy Red Hook Station, Donald Perry East New York Station; Yolanda Jones Brevoort Station; Andrea Romero; Elizabeth Facto GPO Station; Perry Springer Brownsville Station; Joe Cannucci Bob Vitale's group; Julie Serrago FDR School; Lisa Donlon(2Prizes) FDR School; and the big 50/50 winner was from FDR School Hana Holland for $650.00. The winner of the 27 inch TV was Dorothy Mullane who collected $1828.00 for Bob Vitale's group and Michael Sheiman who collected $1245.00. Great job and thank you for the extra effort. Speaking of prizes, there wouldn't be any if it weren't for some very big hearted establishments. Please patronize these companies and restaurants that were so generous with there donations and gift certificates they are listed on pages 8, 9, and l0 of the currant Brooklyn Beat.

Listed below, are the stations and people that made the extra effort in all the moneys that was collected.

  • Kensington $5980.00
  • Bob Vitale 4652.00
  • GPO 1695.00
  • Blythebourne 1440.00
  • Gregory Lepani 895.00
  • Ryder 815.00
  • Red Hook 640.00
  • Bay Ridge 600.00
  • James E. Davis 588.00
  • Bushwick 440.00
  • Canarsie 430.00
  • Bay 420.00
  • Brownsville 400.00
  • Homecrest 400.00
  • Times Plaza 387.00
  • Rugby 382.00
  • Vanderveer 305.00
  • Adelphi 300.00
  • Flatbush 297.00
  • Pratt 280.00
  • Shirley Chisholm 268.00
  • Bush Terminal 235.00
  • East New York 235.00
  • Fort Hamilton 225.00
  • Midwood 200.00
  • Brevoort 170.00
  • Metropolitan 160.00
  • Van Brunt 160.00
  • St. John 80.00
  • Dyker Heights 50.00

Now I would like to call on our membership for even more help. We all agree that our effort on behalf of M.D.A. is worthwhile. When the Shatesky family attended one of our meetings and John and Josh explained what a joyful and exciting experience summer camp is for children with Muscular Dystrophy, it was crystal clear that our involvement is necessary and appreciated. Why is it then, that there are some stations that made no effort whatsoever to participate. How can we convince them that their help is needed? Below are the stations that didn't join in this year bowl-a-thon.

  • Bath Beach
  • Collectors
  • Coney Island
  • Gravesend
  • Greenpoint
  • New Lots
  • Parkville
  • Wyckoff

Safety & Health Corner --------------------ALEX RIOS

W e must face at different times in our lives personal problems that affect us at home or at work. These problems may cause us to be anxious or become depressed and the use of alcohol or drugs is the wrong way to deal with the problem. To go in this path may only worsen the situation. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is covered under Article 35 of the National Agreement between USPS and the NALC and is an easy way to get professional help. EAP is offered to all postal employees and their families and it cost nothing for the consultations.

The counselors will:

  1. Help you clarify the issue for which you are seeking help.
  2. Identify options in addressing your problem
  3. Develop an individualized plan that may involve short-term counseling through the EAP or a referral to a helpful resource in the community.
  4. Keep all information gathered by EAP confidential and Federal and State laws protects your privacy.
Some of the personal concerns that EAP can help you with are:
  • Work Stress
  • Child Care Services
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Relationship Problems
  • Elder Care Services
  • Alcohol or Drug Dependency
  • Anger Management
  • Family/Parenting Issues
  • Grief or Bereavement
  • Coping with Change

An employee's first visit to EAP is on the clock, whether the visit is initiated by management, the union representative, or the employee, unless the employee prefers to visit the EAP unit on his or her own time. Subsequent consultations are on the employee's own time. If a reasonable period of time has elapsed since a management - referral or a previously disclosed self referral, the supervisor at his or her discretion, can approve an additional on the clock session. (EAP Supervisorís Guide)

To get help you can call 1-800-EAP¨4- YOU or access the web site anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week from wherever you are. The cost of counseling and other services directly provided by EAP is nothing.

Your Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan or private insurance can defray some of the cost of any outside professional services needed. The EAP counselors can also help you with the best available outside treatments to suit your individual finances.

It doesn't have to be a crisis to call EAP; it is there to help you manage whatever is happening in your life. It is provided to help you live healthy and work well.


EVERY VOTE COUNTS Another summer has come and gone, a time when we can lay back and remember times past. But before you know it the long hot days of summer are over and again it is time to join our brothers and sisters back on the battle front to save all the benefits we retirees had fought for and continue to fight for even today.

This year is a very important year for all the American people; once again we will go to the polls and elect representatives for congress. The United States congressional election might be a closely contested affair, according to a poll by Gallup released by USA Today. 47 per cent of respondents would support the Democratic contender in their congressional district, while 45 per cent would vote for the Republican candidate.

In the November 2004 congressional ballot, the Republican Party elected 232 lawmakers to the United States House of Representatives, while the Democratic Party secured 202 seats. The Republicans also have a majority in the Senate, with 55 members in the 100-seat upper house.

It will be time to once again march to the polls and support those candidates that support the issues which concern you and your families and if that means voting for a Republican, then by all means do so. On the other hand the Republicans have controlled the House and the Senate; with George W Bush in his last term as president, this country is now trillions deeper in debt, our soldiers are losing their lives in what may turn out to become a civil war, interest rates are sky rocketing with no end in site and the slightest environmental disaster to hit the oil companies can make oil prices reach the stars.

Comes November when you enter that voting booth ask yourself, are we really better off with the Republic Party in control, your future is in your hand.

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