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Stardate 10.06.2000

Stardate 10.06.2000

FORM3996 - (winter 2006)

No matter how many times I have discussed the use of Form 3996, carriers still come up to me with this dazed look in their eyes as if they just discovered the secrets of the universe. So once again we are going to print some of the many reasons why carriers need to complete Form 3996 to inform management that, in their opinion, they can not complete their assignment as instructed.

Your form 3996 is one of your tools in requesting time on your route. Listed below are some of the possible entries/explanations for Line J of Form 3996. There are obviously many variables to be considered in providing your estimate.

One of the key factors to remember is that you are only providing an estimate. Try to make it as realistic as possible and keep in mind that if you underestimate and cannot return by the agreed upon time, it will be Your responsibility to notify management from the road. If you do not, you may be subject to the discipline charge of "use of unauthorized overtime" or the old standby "failure to follow instructions".

Protect yourself in all cases by not making decisions that are the responsibility of management, always give management the opportunity to make any decision and then follow the instructions as Given.

  1. Route is out of adjustment (as documented by count and inspection)
  2. Late leaving
  3. Change of address cards
  4. Stand-up talk
  5. Safety talk
  6. Window service (spoke with patron)
  7. Phone calls (from patron)
  8. Excessive parcels 9. Full coverage(s)
  9. Review mail from CFS
  10. Hot case mail
  11. Excessive accountables
  12. Inclement weather (extreme hot! cold, rain, wind, etc.)
  13. Feeling ill - under medication
  14. Medical restrictions
  15. Waiting for mail (careful here, could get later start time)
  16. Late dispatch (same as #16)
  17. Unfamiliar with route
  18. New case labels
  19. Carrying mail cased by others 21. Cased PM mail from previous day
  20. Thin mail
  21. Thick mail
  22. Sloppy mail (ADVO inserts, etc.)
  23. Samples
  24. Traffic/construction delay
  25. Odd-shape mail
  26. Medical appointments (work related)
  27. Mark-up parcels
  28. Carrier endorsements
  29. Utility bills
  30. Checks, food stamps, etc.
  31. Deviated for Express Mail
  32. Revised Form 1621 (route information)
  33. Worked on case labels
  34. DPS mail problems (not enough paper to itemize)
  35. Going through bad DPS mail in PM
  36. Check of Form 3982's (pink cards)
  37. Power outage, fire drill, etc.
  38. New deliveries
  39. Excessive after holiday DPS

Please note that neither DOIS Projection or Reference Volume were mentioned. It is not recommended to cite numbers that we do not recognize to do so is to give them legitimacy.
Thanks to Joe Hughes, Editor Sunflower Branch 499.

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