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An Unprovoked Attack

The three members of the NHWF seemed to be at agreement so Jonney Hung-lo climed the ropes to celebrate with the fans. Suddenly unprovoked attack occurred when Jeremy "The Myth" Smith jumped up and gave Jonney Hung-lo the "Mystifyer" off the top rope!


Champain refused to be outdone so upon impact he pick up Hung-lo and made him eat a "Pain Killer." Both Champain and the Myth took the offense to Hung-lo. It appeared to everyone in attendance and everyone watching at home that The Myth and Champain had reunited to destroy the World Famous Jonney Hung-lo. Click here to see pics of the beating.

A Well Executed Plan

As soon as The Myth and Lapain used their neckbreaker finisher they had used as a tag-team on Jonney Hung-lo, Champain Lapain sprung to his feet and and gave The Myth a brutal "Pain Killer." Both the Myth and Hung-lo were suckered into a trap by Champain Bert Lapain. For more on this click here.

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