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Rules We Follow!



Second Place (1st Alternate) $500.00 – Third Place $350.00

Best of Show $100.00


This Championship Event will be open to the Winner, the 2nd Place Winner and the Best of Show from each heat that is ran.


$1,000.00 To Win (includes $100.00 State Fair money. Winner qualifies for New York State Fair Demolition Championship); 2nd Place - $500.00; 3rd place - $350.00; Best of Show - $100.00. Up to 11 qualifying Demolitions – each demolition pays last two cars running and hitting $200.00. Best of show will qualify for feature event.




1. Any STOCK car can be used including station wagons and Imperials. NO 4X4’s (even if the front drive shaft is out). No ambulances, hearses, trucks, limousines, checkers or any oversized vehicles. NO T-Tops. If there is a sunroof, it must be covered with sheet metal and screwed into place.


2. All drivers must wear long sleeve shirts and long pants (no shorts), preferably coveralls. They must also wear an approved helmet, eye protection, and a safety belt, both lap and shoulder.


3. NO alcoholic beverages will be permitted. Possession or being under the influence will result in cars, drivers, and crew being ejected from the fair grounds (entry fee will not be refunded).


4. All accident must be reported immediately to fair officials.


5. Drivers must stay with their cars until number is issued. Each car will be issued a claim ticket when entering the track. Claim check must be presented to gate attendant when removing car from grounds. NO cars may leave until after the event has finished. All cars not removed by 1:00 AM following the event become property of the fair.


6. No vehicle will be allowed into the pit area, other than those so designated,


7. No hot-rodding in the pits. Keep it at an idle.


8. No person will be permitted to participate without a valid driver’s license. All drivers must be at least 18 years of age and must show a photo drivers license (only) as proof of age. 16 and 17 year olds are permitted to participate but must have a minor release form signed by parent at time of registration. NO ONE UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PIT AREA.


9. Arrangements and use of heats will be at the discretion of the director of the event. NO drivers will be permitted to choose heats. We will do our best to size them up.


10. All cars will be RIGIDLY inspected. We have the right to re-inspect before and/or after your heat. If needed, car in question may be impounded and released after a re-tech. Only the car and driver are authorized at the inspection ramp. Cars not meeting regulations will not run in this derby. No money will be refunded.


11. ANY QUESTIONS, CALL!! If the rules don’t say you can do it, DON’T DO IT!! CALL first. Joe Tomaszewski at 532-4174.






14. On Tuesday the gates will be open at 3:30 and close at 6:30 with a mandatory driver meeting at 6:45. ON SUNDAY THE GATES WILL OPEN AT 3:00 AND CLOSE AT 5:30 WITH A MANDATORY DRIVER MEETING AT 5:45. All cars must be inspected and inside the gate before the gate closing time. THIS INCLUDES FEATURE CARS.


15. Any car that has a second fire will be disqualified.

16. Any car that has stalled or is stuck and doesn’t hit another car within a one-minute time limit will be disqualified.


17. Entry fee admits only one car and driver to the grounds and pit area. All other persons wishing to enter the pit area must purchase general fair admission AND a pit pass. We will NOT be selling general admission tickets in the demo gate area.


18. There will be no refunds due to car or driver being disqualified.


19. Judges and officials decisions are final.




1.All cars must be stock unless modification is stated in the rules.


2. All glass, plastic, chrome, debris, and interior (except front seat and dash) must be removed before entering the fairgrounds.


3. All decking in station wagons must be removed.


4. TIRES NO BIGGER than 15 inch (6 ply). No split rims. No studded tires or tractor lugs. NO foam filled or double tires. No valve stem protectors. NO water filled tires. JUST AIR IN TIRES. Remove wheel weights. NO screwing tires on rims.


5. All cars must have working brakes.


6. Use motor and tranny of choice (example Chevy in Chrysler). Must be in stock location. You may chain/weld motor and tranny to keep in place (DON’T STRENGTHEN THE FRAME).


7. Rear-ends may be welded for posi-track.


8.You must use a radiator in stock location. You may weld the clutch fan, or use and electric fan.


9. Tie rods, A-arms, and ball joints must remain stock.


10. All trailer hitches and braces must be removed.


11. Original gas tanks must be removed. You must use a boat tank or well-made fuel cell and it must be properly secured and covered in rear seat area. NO plastic tanks or gas cans. Fuel line must be secured and fastened properly, keep away from exhaust. Cars with electronic fuel pumps will be the exception. Up to 6 gallons of gas will be permitted in gas tank. Tank must be chained up through the floorboard.


12. Battery (One 12 volt) must be moved to passenger floorboard, close to the transmission. It must be properly secured and covered. DO NOT PLACE BATTERY IN SEAT.


13. Transmission coolers will be allowed. Must be safe and properly secured. High-pressure line or steel MUST be used (NO fuel line). Mount away from driver.


14. Heater core must be disconnected. If heater core is removed the hole in the firewall must be covered with sheet metal and screwed in place.


15. Stock air cleaner must remain in place.


16. Cars considered unsafe or extremely rusty will not be allowed to compete. Holes in floor must be covered with sheet metal and screwed in place.


17. Stock exhaust must be removed. Headers through the hood are allowed.


18. Driver’s door must be painted white and be free from all lettering. Also a section of the roof, minimum 18” X 18” must be painted white. Recommended- an 18”x24” fin bolted on roof for your number to be easily visible to judges.




1.You may weld in a pipe behind the seat from doorpost to doorpost. You may also weld a pipe across where the dash was. Pipes may be no bigger than 3 inches in diameter. You may also attach, weld or bolt, an exterior plate across the driver door. The plate may extend no more than 6 inches past each seam. It may be no more than 1 inch thick and 12 inches wide. You may weld the DRIVERS door shut (not the inside of the door).


2. The hood must be held down in 4 places by chain no bigger than 3/8”. This also applies for the trunk lid. Chain the hood and trunk lid to the body, not around the car frame or bumpers. You must have a hole 12”x 12” in the hood (fire regulation). NO BOLTS.


3. Both the hood and trunk must be open for inspection (have ready before you reach the inspection ramp). You may, after inspection, chain the hood and trunk lid down to the body inside the track. There will be an inspector posted inside the track.


4. Doors and tailgate must be chained. Up to four per door. 3/8”.


5. The driver’s seat must be secured. Chain the back off the seat to the door or place a pipe behind it. If your seat breaks and your looking at the ceiling, you will also be looking at a disqualification. This is a rule, not an option.


6. A hood bar of at least an inch and a half steel bar, or 3/8” chain left and right, center of windshield, from the firewall to roof of car must be bolted or welded in place. No Wire. Small cars-1 Medium and Big cars-2.


7. You can run a shifter through the floor and you can have a switch panel. You may have a hand throttle. If you are running an electric fuel pump, it must be hooked to ignition switch so when your car shuts off, it shuts off.


8. No bolting of inner/outer fenders. NO BOLTS, PERIOD (unless specified).


9. You may cut wheel wells for clearance.


10. No bolting of doors to inner posts.


11. Suspension must be stock. Stock height. Leaf springs must be stock. Car must move up and down. Leaf springs must stagger down in stock spring length from longest to shortest.


12. No coil spring car can be converted to leaf springs.


13. No extra pipes, welding, fill modification or reinforcing of suspension or frame (STOCK is the key word).


14. BUMPERS! Bumpers must be secured. You may swap bumpers (no truck bumpers, no homemade bumpers). Bumpers may only be interchanged with a car bumper. You can “tack” weld bumper brackets or towers to the frame. You may “tack” weld bumper brackets and shocks to the bumper. You may “tack” weld shocks to shock towers. You may collapse shocks and you can bolt the shocks to the towers with 5/8” bolt or less. You may trim bumper ends or fold them around. NO welding on the bumpers except to “tack” weld the brackets and shocks. When “tack” welding bumpers, shocks and brackets DO NOT ADD ANY METAL. “TACK” WELD NOT SOLID WELD.


15. Body mounts can be replaced. No larger than 5/8” bolt with no larger than 3” washers. Do not bolt body flat to frame. Do not weld in your bolts.