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This is myself and my husband in updated pictures.


Please if you look at this page please take the time and look at my links at the bottom of this page. They are good I think. They do get better looking. Thank you.

Hi, I'm Kathy. I am married. We have been married for 4 years.
I have three children. Their names are Robyn and
Cassandra and the newest one is Monique.
Robyn is 10 yrs old and Cassandra is 3 yrs old and Monique is 2 year old.
My husband's name is Harold. We live in
Upstate NY. It is very peaceful and it has a beautiful scenery.

Our family has been through alot in the past four years. But
we have worked together to get through our problems and confusions.

We have grown to love one another equally and caringly. We like to
do things together. Like go shopping and do laundry. Or just go for a
ride. Even if it means going to visit family that we haven't seen in a

The kids are great. Here is a little about them. Robyn is going into
sixth grade. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. I think she will be a
heartbreaker when she gets older. She likes to help her grandmother milk
cows on weekends. Cassandra loves to play and have fun. She likes to
get into everything. I have fun chasing her around to keep her out of
stuff. She like her sister has blonde hair and blue eyes. They are very
good and listen well sometimes. Monique is a good girl.
She has been walking since she has been ten months old. She likes to get into to stuff also.

Here is a little bit about my husband Harold. He loves to drive
tractor trailer. But he will never stop
loving those tractor trailers no matter what he does. Right now he is back driving tractor trailer. But he is still able
to be home with his family. And to have a home to come home to everyday
that he knows is going to be there for him. We all like it here as much
as he does. It is a nice place but would like to have our own.

I'm unfortune to have had to
put lucky to sleep.
He will always be with us though.
I forgot to add our dog Lucky. He is a rotweiller. He is
4 years old. He is just like one of the kids. Lucky is
a big ox. He jumps around and plays with the girls and us.
He is very protective over the girls, even if we are playing
with the girls. He also use to ride every where with us.

Well hope you enjoyed to learn a little bit about me and my family.

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