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King Quala's World Match Collections From All Around The World
King Quala's World Match Collections From All Around The World
Quala's World Match Boxes: G’day every one, My name is Sir.Quala .and I am a collector of MATCHBOX LABELS, BOXES and COVERS from all over the world. My collection comprises now 3 Million different items from 255 different countries. I need 36 Countries World Wide Former Countries to the Present Countries and Islands Countries. 2 set my goal is 2 brake The Guinness Book of the World's Record. now 40 years Collecting I like to swap matchbox labels, boxes and covers with other collectors from all over the world who are interested in swapping labels from Home address: 113 Alpine Drive Apt.2# De Witt, New York 13214 US Here a list of the 36 #World Wide Countries and Island Countries. I’m looking get Matchboxes from Countries 1] Cape Verde, 2] Dominica, 3] Faeroe Island 4] French Guinea,5] Kiribati,6] Marshall Is.,7]Saint Vincent& ,8]San Marino, 11]SaoTome 12]Seychelles,13]Solomon,14]Tonga,15]Turks &Caicos ,16]Tuvalu,17]Vaticaan,18]Wallis & Futuna, 19]Christmas Is. 20]Abkhazia,21]Kurdistan,22]Baluchistan23]Azores24] Norfolk, 25] EastTimor,26] Montserrat,Is.27] 28] Niue Is.,.29]Pitcairn Is.30]Anjiouan,31]Mayotte,32]Sahara,33]Tristan da Cunha 34]Republic of Somaliland 35]Stain Helena Is.36]Vatican City PLEASE NOTES: THIS IS MY PRIVATE COLLECTION - NOT FOR SALE EVER! Email: ME Tim here Webmaster: Sir.Quala Enterprise. E-mail: A© Copyright A© 2005-2020... All rights reserved. Unless otherwise noted, the entire contents of this website are the copyrighted property of Sir.Quala No part of the contents of this website may be reproduced without the written permission and prior written consent of Sir.Quala This site! Translation Matchbox in World Langue’s .If any of these are wrong or miss spelled, please contact my webmaster. 1)Icelandic Eldspýtustokkur, 2)Brazilian-Portuguese, caixa de descarga 3)Bulgarian, кибритена кутия,Kibrity 4)Chinese’s, 火柴盒 Fu Chi 5)Croatian, Kutija šibica 6)Czech, Autíčko,Zapalka 7)Filipino, Apuyan,Posforos 8)Finnish, Tulitikkurasia 9)French, Boîte d'allumettes 10)Deutschland, Streichholzschachtel 11)Greek, σπιρτόκουτο Spirto] 12)Hindi, माचिस, Machis or Diyasalai 13)Indonesians, Korek Api 14)Korean, 성냥갑 Sun Yang 15)Swedish, Tändsticksaskar 16)Slovak Krabičky Zápaliek, 17)Serbian, матцхбоксес, Zigica 18)Russian, спичечные коробки(spichka) 19)Dutch{HOLLAND} Lucifersdoosjes 20)Italian, Scatole di Fiammiferi 21)Japanese’s, マッチ箱,Haya-Tsukegi 22)Taiwan, 火柴盒 Ho Chi 23)Ukrainian, Sirnuku сірник коробка, 24)Hebrew, ש"ע) קופסת גפרורים)Gafrurim 25) Mild Eastern, علب الثقابKebrita 26)Turkish, Kriburt 27)Irelish, Sulish Kipeen 28)Estonia, Tuletikk or Tikk 29)Hungary, Gyufa 30)Polish, Zapalka - Zapalki 31)Romania, Chibrituri 32)Portugal, Amorfos - Fosforos 33)Lithuania, Degtukas 34)Latvia, Serkooins 35)Kyrgyzstan, Spaloholon 36) Morocco, Cerillas, علب الثقاب 37) Albania, Shkrepca 38) Noregain, Fysrstikkesker 39) Somalia, Tarq, علب الثقابKebrita 40) Mongolia, Үг олдсонгүй: 41) Nepaliness silei
It's a Real
It's a Real"Bigest Matchbook" Restaurant menu  
It's a real "Matchbook” Restaurant Menu World’s Hugest Matchbooks Cover The 21"inch long 11" inches high and the with 9"inches 53.34cm x 27.94x22.86

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