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Welcome to Ken's Page


Ken is an avid fisherman.

so I figured I would make a page for all his "fish" pictures.

Besides fishing Ken loves music. He has a couple of guitars and

loves to play them. He likes alternative music and OzzY is his

favorite artist of all time. Below are pictures of Ken and his Friend

George with the fish they have caught.


This is one of Ken's first big fish he caught.


They really do go fishing!!!!

This is Ken's first trout for 2002 caught on Jan. 23rd. Ken says he was fishing for two to three hours getting small bites but hadn't been successful in pulling one in. He walked to the mouth of the creek to fish for another hour or so but still nothing! He went to his favorite spot, fished for another half hour, gave up on using egg sacks for bait and switched to a small cleo with a rubber tail. He cast out five times and on the fifth cast he caught this little beauty. It was only 23 inches long but fulll of eggs. Each row of eggs was at least 3 inches around. And thats Ken's story about his first fish of 2002.

Canadaway Creek Jan 23, 2002.


Look Ma, ITS A TROUT!!

And here are some various other pictures of Ken

Ken with Klair

Ken with Catfish

Ken and Jake

Ken was a dead fisherman for halloween!