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Thursday September 4th 2003


I haven't updated in such a long time. Well I came back from NJ, which was probably one of the best week's of my life. So much fun, Vin, Chris, Nick fken hilarious times. Met some intresting girls lol. Wuddup Lau, Kelly and Bre. Today was kinda boring read finished up my databases for Lowen's (one of my employers) and getting a hair cut. Tomorrow is school, well sorta, but this is gonna be a fun weekend.



Monday August 16th 2003


The power in the whole city went out today at about 4 pm, this would normally be a bad thing but it actually led up to a prettyu good expirence, myslef, chris, vin, james, ron and jen all slpet at vins but hung out all night, we stayed up til 4 30 when the power came on and we were out all fken night. It was a great night with alot of suprises, would somone please "turn me off" lol. It is now friday night or actually saturday morning at about 12 31 and i am really drunk 2 great nights love to my ppl.



Monday August 12th 2003


I had a really good day, lunch with Melissa and Stephanie and a good night with everyone. But I have ben thinking to myself alot. What ever happened to the days we used to have, the carefree Saturday's where the only thing we would look foward to was hours and hours and uninterupted hockey in the school yard. We used to be able to play for hours and hours and now we can barely scrounge together enough people together to get a decent game going. Any thoughts on that:





Sunday July 27 2003


Today was a good day, full of fun and parties. First I went to Steph's and got thrown around in the pool by Melissa (not Marissa), and got my niples pinched by just about everyone else. Then I went to Jason's B-Day part and saw some people I haven't seen in about 4 years. Thats always nice except when some of them turn into snobby son's of bitches who think they are hot shit, but no comment. Then I went to Marco's. stayed there for a little and got bored. Went out to get some food, then drove around for about an hour. We then met back up with Marco and them, but Melissa was gone and that's half the party lol. The Italian kid Nick was there which is cool and yes he is from Italy and does not speak 3 words of English. Got some ice cream they drove around in an ontorage (spelling not required). And made my way home to be "Put On Hold" Which is what I am currently doing. Overall a good weekend that came to a boring end.




Joe | 12:02am | mood: Confused




Saturday July 17, 2003


Defientally the best day of the week. I woke up went to the gym with Vin. Did some working out and boxing and basically just hung out. We went to Vin's later that nite with a few bottles of liquor and a pair of boxers that said "Yes Peeking" Inside Joke. Vin then followed to feel funny and lay in his toilet.




Joe | 2am | Mood: tired

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Thursday, July 17, 2003


Today was parents day at poly, I fucking hate it so much,  Met up with Vin and James and drove around. Night was kind of boring, we didn't do much but I really could care less. I really miss the good old days.



Joe | 1:08am | Mood: tired



Friday, July 18, 2003


Today was payday, which was good. I had fun, didn't do much work. lol why would you bite a chip and then give it to someone. dun ask.



Joe | 4:37pm | Mood: bored