Mi ThUgZ

Denisse- HeY ive gotten closer to yoo dis yr n yoo hella lot ob fun to be around. rememba wen yoo was hollerin at aaron's bro fer da fun ob it. lol dat was madd funnie.. yo i be goin to bx but i hope we still chill KIT call meeh up sometime n we go drink lolz

Angelo- Yo0o0o yoo my big bro.. literally lol remember how peepz be askin us are yoo guyz bro n sis?? lol we dun look aliek~ mayn i hab so much to say to yoo.. yoo been der fer meeh fer everything, yoo liek my bess guy friend.. eben tho yoo cant read dis rah now i juss wanted to say i lub yoo. yoo been der fer meeh n i tried to be der fer yo0o. hope we keep in touch i miss yoo like crazie..
Nicole- hey yo yoo mi momz lol, known yoo fer awhile, we had some madd fun timez wit angelo n lex n everybodie else. we got less close dis yr, wa happened? mayn yoo madd cool tho, no worriez we'll chill more. ^_^
Grant- lol yoo come into halsey fer liek a month n den leave. im prob never gonna see yoo agen..it was nice knowin yoo.. n yer bike lolzz. givin meeh some ill world tourz. eben tho yoo goin to christ da king hope we still chill.. n shoot yoo kno dat i can beat yer ass in freestylin lolzz. lataz 1 lub
Sarah- hey we met through harold... we had some ill timez, hope we hab some more. i met liek everybodie through yoo thanx. lol i go to yer crib to eat.. eben yer sis knoes dat lolzz. yoo been through a lot wit meeh but hey we both lived ish all go0od rah? hope we kit... i kno we will
Aaron- hyee i remember meetin yoo in da 6th or 7th grade. i used to grab yer sidez n yoo wouldnt move n yoo would juss stand der. lol it made meeh felt stoopid den i started callin yoo abnormal cause u didnt move or nothin. haha yoo madd funnie n yoo madd co0ol to chill wit lolz. u shoulda went to fuk dem stoopid russian niggaz up afta wa dey did to yo0o. cmon ill help yo0o, dey prob kill meeh tho wit der stinky smell lolzz. hope everything goez well wit yer grl
Jennifer- o0o0o hahahaaa im alreadie laughin n yoo not eben beside meeh. everytime i chill wit yoo i cant stop laughin.. yoo madd fun n we had some ill timez togeda. i reallie hope we kit cause u madd co0ol n yo odidnt eben kno alice was my sis till dat day in lunch where she came by. ^_^
Kevin- goku lol. still watchin cartoonz? nah i shouldnt say nething cause u prob come beat meeh up wit yer diesal diesal muscles. lol i was once part ob da family i tink i was number 19 or was it 18? lol n angie was yer wife hahaa. dat madd funnie.. well keep playin handball n ill see yoo around
Shana- o sheit look who it is~ da grl dat givez meeh MADD hugz lol. wat was it? like 30 timez a dai? lol ish all go0od.. i havent seen yoo in a while, i miss my hugz ima cry =( oo remember wa i want fer my bday ::dar***:: lolzz. i kno yoo undastood meeh.. yoo betta hab haha
Alex- lol i met yoo through sarah yoo used to go to her house liek hell.. yoo was madd fun to chill wit, yoo crazie n hyper datz hott. n da nite yoo got duck sauce on yer shirt.. n da pork fried rice building.. n den recently we saw anthony n yoo was like o sheit madd proper n started cleanin his shoes n yoo got all hyper lolzz. hope i see yoo around
olga- yoo wannabe thug lolzz. tryin to be black/spanish... ish all go0od yoo madd cool.. a lil too hyper der tho lolz. we had some ill timez too.. call meeh up sometimez havent talked to yoo in awhile. ^_^ n i need to meet some cute nigguhz n go to da center wit yo0o lolz.. as long as da cute nigguhz dun ask fer hed liek some certain otha peepoz haha.
Chris- yo0o yoo been madd nice to meeh since da day i met yo0o. n wen meeh n sarah went to pick yoo up (which i woulda gotten lost if it wasnt fer her)yer step dad thought i was lookin fer yer sista. lolzz ish all go0od. we had some madd fun timez togeda to0o. n yo0o kno ive been mackin on yer certain friend haha. yo i hope everything goez well for yoo in da future. go0od luck in being a king ill alwayz respect yo0o no doubt. one dai ill see yoo pimpin it wit yer yellow bandana n ill be liek chris hook meeh up wit dis sheit lolz. stay gangsta..::besos::
Angelica- hey i officially met yoo da dai mike got hit by a car. n we went to da hospital n stayed der till liek 8. it was madd fun chillin wit yoo in spring vacation.. hope we kit.
Jae- i knew yoo since da 2nd grade, n yoo changed A LOT. but no matta wa ill alwayz respect yo0o. we went through madd sheit we had madd fun timez. come by ny aiite? rememba yoo was suppose to give meeh yer dragon knife? lol yoo never gave it to meeh yoo kno.. but stay gangsta to0o ill love yoo eben if yoo so far away.
Karen- lol my otha mommie... yoo madd funnie~ escpecially da way yo0o laugh lolzz. everytime yoo laugh it makez meeh crack up n den nicole n denisse tink yer crazie lolz. yoo mad fun to be around n i hope we kit to0o.
Luis- mi daddie~ lolzz i officially met yoo da first dai ob spring vacation i tink it was on a mondai. yoo alwayz been lookin out fer meeh since da day i met yo0o. ThAnXx n da timez we cut at yer crib lolz dat was fun n i played crazy taxi fer like da whole dai wen yoo was playin yer comp game. n thanx fer da *drinkz* lol hope everything go wellz wit yer grl 1 lub
Lisa- we had some fun timez togeda to0o. escpecially last summer we used to chill like crazie. i kno we'll see each other around dun smoke up dat much ish bad fo yoo lol. n remember wen yuri got shot by a drive by n he thought it was a bee lolz. see yoo around 175 1 lub
Diego- hey lolz i remember i met yoo a dai before i met luis... but i alwayz knew yoo cause some certain grl was stalkin yer ass lolzz. n yoo called her a b*tch but yoo madd co0ol thanx fer openin my flushin drink haha. i still owe yoo one. every time i see yoo, yer high, drunk, or both lolzz. ish all go0od yoo crazie yoo would do nething n i respect dat yoo aint scared fo nothin. dun smoke up dat much or yoo become sped lol. SMILE~
Andrea- o sheit dis grl be holdin da place down gangsta. lol yoo can fuk nebodie up ima call yoo up if i got beef no doubt. yer ass aint scared at all i respect dat so0o much. yoo madd co0ol i had some fun timez wit yoo at 175 those water fitez lol. we juss be chillin rah? n all yer fitez i alwayz see em. but i kno how dey gonna end yoo fuk em up liek crazie lol. luv ya lotz
Steve- lol i thought yoo was miguel online wen i talked to yoo. haha. but now i kno who yoo are n yoo madd co0ol. thanx fer sellin meeh it n not rippin meeh off lolz. do yoo still got sunburnz? hope not.. next time ima bother yoo some more lolzz 1 lub
julia- lol remember a long time ago we was in da basement~??? n dey was drinkin n dey broke da tablez n we ran.. remember lolzz tis madd fun~ n remember jacob n his stolen uhaul truck lolzzz n he didnt kno how to drive so yoo n sarah jumped out while it was moobin? n wen we juss chilled wit angelo yuri danny lisa n everybodie else? sheit was fun rah? too bad it not like dat nemore. hab fun in private skool~ lolzz dun become jappy please
lex- i remember i met yoo like half n hour before i met angelo. yoo madd crazie yo. i remember yoo used to do all dis gangsta sheit n ill be standin der like omg wtf is he doinz?? haha. yoo madd co0ol to chill wit but i havent chilled wit yoo in a while.. call meeh up sometime dun get kiked out ob bowne or ima laugh at yoo liek i did to mark hahaa
Cherise- mayn yoo still goin fer him? i hope not lolz. snoopy mine~! har har har. we didnt eben chill a lot but we still prettie close. yoo my mommie dat is 1 day younger den meeh lol
Totohed- i remember so0o clearly how i met yo0o. joel n somebodie else i tink it was steve was being hoggerz n dey wouldnt share der corona's. n yoo was sittin chillin n yoo was like "chyna yoo want" n yoo gave meeh da bottle n i was like o sheit i dun eben kno dis nigguh n he gibin meeh a gulp ob his drink. thanx lol n yoo alwayz be offerin wen u hab. datz madd hot i respect yoo liek crazie. stay chillin n ill see yoo around
Roz- lolzz yoo madd smart n yoo unda thugz. datz hott tho. yoo got meeh cuttin fer da 1st time n dat was fer da 99 yankeez dai parade. we went to 1st pd n we sed dis was bullsheit n we bounced. eben tho we didnt see nothin fer 2 yrz n we got lost da first time, we'll def. go agen lolz.
Francis- yo i met yoo through amanda. yoo madd cool wit some funnie jokez lol.n in da winter yoo alwayz sleddin down da hill in yellowstone park. yoo aint scared ob nothin n da timez we used to chill at jae crib. yo yoo was madd co0ol i lub yo0o lolz. yoo madd fun to be around wit.
Markiee- sorrie i put u last but if i put u before den i hafta change so manie color thingyz.. if i got time ill change it but fer now it all go0od cause dis is da 2nd time yoo on my shoutoutz. =DD one on my azn n one on my thugz u an azn thug lol ok dat was da ill loser joke. im goin to bx n u stayin in loser ass halsey =D but ima come down aiite wit my flip bf dat i FOLLOW not stalk lolzzz. n u gonna hab a prettie grl by yer side too aiite n we'll chill. it was madd fun shared manie memoriez togeda n i reallie hope we keep in touch.. =) lub yoo lotz 1