Azn Kro0o

Angie- yoo been der fer meeh fo everything~ wen der was something wrong wif meeh yoo helped meeh a lot n i mean A LOT. thank yo0o fer all dat *yoo could become a psychiatrist* lolz. i try to help yo0o out in everything but if i dun juss smack meeh okie =D or punch meeh in da face liek yoo did last time lolzz. we hab go0od times too liek meeh freeloadin off ob yer house haha.. *sundai moobie nite* ( i kind broke it tho cause i had to go to stoopid nj)n we hab fun wif da KrOoOo. wen i go to bronx ima miss yoo liek hell~ but dun worrie ill come bak n visit onlie on one condition n yo0o kno wuh it is ^_^.
Markie- ReMeMber how we met?~! lolzzzzzzzz, yoo wrote a lot in my planner, n ish good to reminisce the old times. is dat how yoo spell dat werd? but i remember every memorie wif u n da "old kroo." n i dunno how yoo felt wen we met, but im glad that meeh n yoo met n im happie dat stuff happened n now we still reallie good friendz. in bx, ima come bak jus 4 yoo~ lolz n cause yoo still owe meeh a dime hahaa. n ILL bring da philly, yoo can buy da dime. lolz
Tommy- Hyeee wise godbro~ Hey yoo kno sheit happened in da beginning ob da yr n i dun eben kno if yoo was aware ob it... but i guess fer meeh ish all over now. n yoo kno dun be so hard on yerself let thingz be. if it was meant to happen it'll happen. but dere is alwayz next yr righ? "but u ova her" well good luck wif her n ill alwayz be here for yoo. n thanx fer everything... yoo helped meeh through a lot. i reallie apprieciate it. lata wise g0dbro
Derek- hyee g0dbro. I've gotten to actually talking to yoo dis yr. and you've alwayz been around da past 2 yrz in halsey but we never actually reallie talked before dis yr. Thank yoo fer helping meeh out wif a lot ob stuff dis yr. yer alwayz der to talk n no doubt ill miss yoo next yr.
Amanda- hey i've met yoo in da 6th grade. i give props to my sister cause if it wasnt fer her we might not hab had ALL dese memories. n i mite not hab been giving shout outz to ne ob dese people righ now. wow i cant even put it into werds how much yoo mean to me. we used to chill wit da old kroo which was harold n jae yoo kno we had madd good memories liek wen some certain preson slashed some car. u remember? n den we went to mikey n jer, dat was a lot ob fun to0o. n now hea we are chillin wit da azn krew. good memories hea n der n eben tho i go to bx, ill miss yoo liek crazie n ill try to come bak n visit n everything okie? 1 luv
Ting- a ling ^_^ hey grl, we gotten closer dis yr cause ob da kroo. yer house is da "love" house lolz, how come yoo hardly chill wif us nemore? we bess hang out before i go to bx yo. ima miss yoo so much. dun worrie ill come n visit yoo, n i hope good thingz happen wif yer boi. Go0od luck =D
Sandy- hyeee~ we used to be madd close in da 6th grade remember? before yoo moved? n i made yoo dat crappie ass card in da 6th grade lolz. well now yoo back n yoo dun need da card no more, now yoo need to gimme one cause im not gonna be around next yr. but dun worrie we'll keep in touch cause we koo liek dat~
Winnie- lol we got a LOT closer i tink durin our timez in science. i tink plannin on blowin up da skoo gave us a special bond. love yoo lotz grl hope we be foreva chillin n hope meh n yu transfer out next yr lolz.
Laura- HeYy!~ tenx fer makin science liveable. if it wasnt fer u i dun tink i would be able to be where i am todai. u also gave meeh motivation n sheit. tEnx so much hab fun in FL bettuh bring meeh baq somethin lolz. hope we get eben closEr n represent up in science n in FH. xD
Roxy- lolzz heyy yu officialy in our el azn kro0o now. xD lubin u alwayz made science not suicidal fer meeh.. tenx fer being der fo meeh. if u need nethin im alwayz hea fo u. u mah familia now luv u lotz grl. hope everythin goez well wit u n yer boi xDD
Odda Azn Peepos
Eunice- hyeeee~ yer ass has been der fer meeh since liek 1st grade. man so long we hab known each other, n we gonna kno each other fer da next 4 yrz too. i hope we get some good memories in da future like we did in the past. thanx fer everything.
Chistine- heyy lolzz, thanx fer alwayz givin meeh ideas on how to cheat n cut n thanx fer all da excuses yoo gave meeh to tell my teachers wen i cut lol. eben tho im goin to BX, KIT and we'll go smoke a dime. much lub
anna- lol i didnt kno wuh category to put yoo in so ima put yoo in as dis one cause yoo wanna be AZN lolz. remember south street seaport?? da good ol' dayz haha. man i miss everything, i should hab came to yer table more often instead ob goin to da spanish table lol. we goona KIT righ? we bess, yoo madd cool to chill wif, in BX ill come baK n introduce yoo to madd azn hottiez lol