~[ Halsey's Prom ]~

anna n brennen dem pplz at times square after prom moree of dem agenn xD damn yo im madd jealous. they got a hott ass limo- wish i was deRe heaz go0oeSs some of da illeSt grlz arounD- lookin madd kyootEe der group piC of dem at da prom xD keke moReeE~ damn i rillyy wish i went to halsey so i could go to dis prom yo lookeD madd fun lo0okin good tommy xD lolz itz da guyz in da cityy after da prom dis is dawnae in da bathroom at the prom i think lolzz. i liek dis piC itz da illeSt heDz limo rah heaAa. lol luckieEe mofo's looked liek dey had so much funn

heyy neone else got prom piCs dat dey wanna send meeh.. feelz free n ill post em up- xD need some ob da azn kroo0o so scan em n send em to meeh aiite?~ 1