miscellaneous shoutz

mike(zhou)-hyee lol how yo0o0o doinzz? wen yoo got hit by da car i was so0o scared fo yoo but wen law came out all happie n everythin sayin yoo was ok i was so happie n den somebodie bought yoo m & m's n yoo wasnt shure if yoo could eat it lol. but yoo ate it neway. ish all go0od, i had madd fun chillin wit yo0o eben tho ima be in bx ima come visit aiite? ^_^

melissa- lolzz yoo madd funnie~ yoo make everything co0ol. n remember we was at tingz house yoo was like da onlie normal one while everyone was goin crazie. haha n i still remember yoo hit meeh wit a ball in gym last yr righ in da face i tink we was playin dodgeball lolzz. ish all go0od hope we kit eben if im goin to bx. luv ya lotz
islam- hyee lol we had some madd fun timez togeda. hope yoo hab fun in egypt, yoo madd cool cause u egyptian lolz. rememba our handshake?? lol letz kit ^_^
Grace- oo i knew yoo since liek 2nd grade and i alwayz go to yer house to chill. go0od luck in stuy~!!!!! if yoo become famous rememba meeh~! ish so0o cool yoo dun gotta move to philly. yoo get to stick around. hope everything goes well wit yer man n ill alwayz be around to chill n talk. we gonna kit cause u live 3 houses away lolz
timmy tim tim =D lol i met yoo at 175 yoo madd co0ol we been through some stuff.. but hope we stay friendz n kit. go0od luck in accelarated math next yr dun fail~ come to bx lolzz =D 1 lub
Nora- i met yoo in liek 196 lolz we had madd fun timez together n yoo keep gettin ripped off fer yer hair. i will introduce yoo to people dat can do it yo dun waste all dat money~! fo real yoo been der fer meeh denx fer everythin. call meeh up n we'll go cut lolzz luv ya lotz
Annette- hii grl i met yoo in elementary skoo n we used to be liek bess friendz n go to da hospital to pig out on food everie dai. i miss da good 'ol dayz n now we seperate again into our own paths and may we one dai meet up agen. WE BOTH gonan be rich n famous n we'll go places togeda =DD. much lub to yoo liek crazie denx fer being der fo meeh in elemantary n throught jhs skoo lub ya lotz