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HeYy WaSSsAa?~ lol i kno everythin rilly disorganized on dis payge rah now mebbe ill get around to organize it dis week. i knoo da dedications still not up fer 2 reasons. 1 mah easy designer dun werk n 2 i realized some things dat i tink i had better off not experiencing. but check out the otha linkz itz been updated.n o yeaa dun ferget to sign da guestbook at da bottom aiite xD baii~

*last update- check out my xanGa (link on my journal) & got halsey's prom piCs-
my(vince) anime 411 mah lil journal Pics
shoutoutz El Azn KrOo SurvEy Ill QuoteZz Dedicationz linkz

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