Azn Kro0o
dis in spanish class wit my grl angie.. o sheit she help meeh cheat stoopid butt, dey should make yoo take french dat not fair. lol
mayn big pic L to R, sandy,angie,amanda,meeh,tim, n mike at da bottom
mayn another big ass pic lalala da krew at halsey
o mayn dis at grad, half da people arent even graduating ::cough::amanda n angie::cough:: lolzz
meeh,amanda,n angie.. dang im so short, dis in flushin we juss went to play pool ^_^
markie tommy n derek o i liek markz cheesie smile haha
lookie ish da krew at da gardenz, da gardenz so prettie n dat wen we hab all our "talkz" lol da guyz habin a contest who can sit wit der legz da most widest lol mark won haha. l to r markiee, amanda, derek, angie, n tommy
lookie same peepo but im not takin da pic dis time mayn i wasnt eben readie yet i look liek a loser
dis was at mickey d's wen we all cut to go to da beach lolz. mayn everybodie so0o dark
meeh n sandy in math class.. why arent we learning?? we was but meeh n her wasnt listenin to da math teacher haha o well
mah illest grlz. lub yoo guyz alwayz
lolzz illest gangstaz mark n maria xD
lubin yo0o guyz alwayz. aren't dey da kyootest siblingz xD so jealous.
last but not least da illest flip known itz markiee~
me n sexiee amandaa
el azn kro0 grls