Mai- hey grl.. i onlie met yoo liek
in june n we alreadie madd close. n ima go
chill wit yoo in da summer down in chicago,
we gonna hab madd fun rah? if my freakin mom
letz meeh go0o. mayn we liek twins.. we got so much
in common,we was meant to be lolzzz. hope
we stay friendz forever *wink wink*
*nudge nudge*

Vince- hyeee~ mayn dat joke we played on mai was
madd funnie lol (sorrie mai)hahaa yoo a
real co0ol person to talk to very open n i
respect dat.. n yoo give very go0od advice
n kno how to sweet talk lolzz is dat y u
so0o rich ?? haha nah nah juss playinz
yoo madd co0ol tho n yoo madd sweet thanx
fer everything.n i hope we stay friendz ferever~

Eve- we cool we cool cause we tomboyz
lol dun change cause den ima
be da onlie one left~ n ima be
lonely lol. meeh lub yo0o yer da bess grl
around n i miss yoo so much =o)

Eric- mayn yoo madd funnie, yoo big babie lol.
yoo liek da oldest one but yoo liek
da youngest one lol cause yoo
kno how to hab fun n yer not scared
ob nething. n yoo make cool stickerz n bannerz
lol. but ish all go0od i see yoo every
week or almost neway lol.

Emily- haha my bestest friend, yoo madd
funnie. yoo alwayz make da weirdest jokes but
dey alwayz funnie haha not liek
some people who juss make it n der no point
to it. n mayn im never sleeping around yoo n
eve cause u prob be takin secret pics ob meeh
too wen im sleepin lol juss liek yoo did to tai
last yr in thailand n stuck pocky stickz
up his nose haha

Minh- hey yoo madd cool.. i juss met yoo
in fl liek in june but yoo one
ob da coolest peepo i ever met. yoo
verie straight up n i respect dat.
yoo also prettie sensitive and datz cool too
cause der not manie peepo liek yoo out in dis
werld. yer unique~ =D

Jennipho- HyEee keke wAssSa grl?~!
so yooh still hate it in CT?
no werrie no werrie. witout yooh NJ can be helllaaa borinn-
lol so juss keep goin aiigh~? madd luv to yooh.
hope yooh come down to enyCe agen n take some more picz.
no fuq dat i dun wanna take picz wit yooh,
yooh make meh n mah sis look helllaz uglieEe.
haha hope CT better fer yooh now n im glad dat i meT
yooh cause yooh madDz funniEe xD 1 lub alwayz