Super Friendz~
dis was in thailand~ in some car, we was goin to da mall lolz. meeh on da very front left, behind meeh is jiffy, behind him is danny, den to da righ is eve, next to her in the back is alex, in front ob alex is em, next to em in da middle is potato, next to him is andre and all da way in da front is ewok. dis was mother's day in NJ. where is giana? n joe? n jeff? lol dey was all sittin in da background. yoo could onlie hea ewok sing neway lol.
haha im not eben gonna mention bout dis pic lolzz.
o dis song was funnie, it was love me tender n i dun think half ob us knew da werdz. n jenn is playing da guitar as yoo can see and yoo can hear onlie ewok sing once agen lolz. is was da dance we had lolz, it wasnt much but it was fun.

dat be Thailand n NJ

dis in FL, wow a lot ob people.. too manie to name but ish 1 big familie.

mayn davis look so funnie sleepin lolz. da flower kept fallin off ob his hed.
dis was in da gym, it was so0o hot in der. dis was after everybodie gotten beaten up by a old viet ladies tryin to get candy lolz.
hea we are agen takin pics in FL, man minh waS tryin to take my seat~ is da mai? why is her hed so bright? hrmz


omgg isnt she soo kyoote? okk dun look at meeh i look high lolzz and sorrie tai had to put dis pic hea

dis be da ill canadian n the's nephew matt lolzz.

da time ob da performance.. mai jimmy n meehz

stoopid disposable... too dark to rilly see but i think dis is like one ob da first dayz cause dere not dat manie people

da grlz practicin fer da dance.. ErR how come dey all aint doin da same move? lolzz

aww it mah sis mai n danny from ohio

it EvEee watta cutie xDD

DAt be FL

GuEss whOoo

mah illest twin mai

itz her agen!

cant u see how much i love her lolxDD

L to R- pho aliCe n meehz keke pho made all ob uS look uGliee she too prettie to be in da piC xD

halsey peepos
da azn kro0o
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