Audrey Chen



-=-DaTe Ob BiRtH-=-

may 20th 1987


chiquita & pikachu


so0ooon to be sophie at FHHS xDDD


reppin u kno wa


re%in killuh queenz NY


mackin, chillin wit muh boyz n grlz

-=-Fav ColoRz-=-

blue n white(eben tho it not a color)

-=-IdEaL GuY-=-

nice hair, clean

(not some smelly dirty dude lol)

has n ill CaR (yea rite lol)


sweet and funny

-=-PerSonaL QuoTe-=-
I ran up the door, closed the stairz, said my pajamas, put on my prayerz,turned off the bed, and hopped into the light all because he kissed meeh good night. To0o BaD i didnt find a kiss dat blowz meeh away like dat yet.