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:: The Scene opens up at some new guy's house. Just Last Week, he signed a $10 Million contract to wrestle in the Fearless Championship Wrestling. He's a pure veteran, wrestling in the buisness for a decade. He has a wife and 2 kids. He is a very very very scientific wrestler. He has invited the FcW cameramen and interviewers to give some facts, the past, the present and the future of his wrestling career. ::

Interviewer #1: Welcome to FcW programming! I am your very own FcW Interviewer and I'm here to interview a guy about what he is going to accomplish in the Fearless Championship Wrestling. We now enter his house for a close look-up.

Interviewer #2: Yes thank you. I am sitting down next to a future wrestler of the fearless Championship Wrestling Buisness. Okay, sir, you know what we told you so lets get ready. Question number 1. We've all been dying to know who you are so please, give me a discription of yourself and a medium based biography of who you are.

The Guy: For those of you who dont know me..... I am FLAMES! I am the most famous wrestler known throughout the world. I am just appearing different. I came here to accomplish a lot of things, such as kicking asses, kicking asses and kicking more asses! I came here to win the Official Fearless Championship Wrestling (FCW) World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship from "The Game" Triple H. I wonder how a guy like that can hold a precious world title that can barely fit him. World, let me tell you something. I do not care about anybody. I will face anyone, anywhere, anytime about anything. Flames has arrived in the new era and he don't play with anyone. A Hard nosed heel holding a title. That is so GAY! The Game is gay! Now look, I am new at this federation. That doesn't mean that I suck. I am the best of the best. I will face the best of the best in the worst of the worst. I am the Champion of Champions. I put the X in XTREME. Because I am Flames. Try me. Just wait and see. It's too painful to describe what I am going to do to you. So anybody who has the guts to face me wait and see. I'm not saying that I have no harsh words to everybody but I'm saying it to anybody who thinks that they can beat Flames at his own game. Um.... Um.... Um.... Let me think..... I've got it. How about whoever wants to face me "dance" in a Hell in A Cell Match. That match can be changed at any time but I need a title on the line. I'm not just going to waste my energy for nothing. Let's start small and grow big. Mr. Ice Sir, I want to face Ru-DoGG for the FCW Suicidal Title. He seems kind of tough but I want to see how tough this DoGG is. I was a DoGG from the Streets of Brooklyn, NY a long time ago. I will fight this DoGG. Like giving candy to a baby. Next Interviewer, Next Question.

Interviewer #3: So, Now we know that your name is Flames. First you say you want to fight Triple H for the FcW World Title. Now you say you want to start small and grow big by fighting Ru-Dogg for the FcW Suicidal Title. Why's that?

Flames: (acts all professional in a European Voice) Well Sir, it seems that I want to fight Ru-Dogg because..... (voice goes back to normal) I WANT TO! Sucide is my Middle name. In fact I have 8 middle names and Sucide is one of them. I need a challenge before I can go big. Well, I want to fight Big Nose Helmsley but let the President decide and I will do my job.... By kicking HHH's Ass! Wow, He's in the Hall of Fame, big deal, he stayed in the FcW for a long time and won some titles. But I, Flames came here to start an Era! The Insane Era. (Anybody willing to join e-mail me at or The Insane Era will be the most popular stable in the FcW I 100% guarantee. We will wipeout all the other stables and become #1 in the FcW. If Ru-DoGG Wants to join, I'll call off the Sucidial Title Match and face the U.S. Champion if not the Intercontental Champion. If he doesn't wanna join, then I'll take care of buisness. Now everybody, please go except for the cameramen.

:: All Reporters & interviewers leave ::

Flames: Now that I've got all those suckers out of my sight, I have to tell all my fans something. I have personally met Ja Rule and he has aggreed to accompany me at my match. He will not interfere since I want to show my skills. So Fans, don't forget to see Monday Night Mayhem to see him, Ja Rule.

Flames: This dude is my nigga. So he agreed to stay ringside and sign autographs to fans. Well, My job here is done. Don't forget to catch the Flame....

:: The Scene fades into a commercial. ::