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The Flame Has Burned

The scene is set in the ALWF arena. After the last commercial break, the ALWF cameramen have zoomed into a lockerroom with the name "Vice President". There A unknowned guy wearing red with black boots, long, light-brown hair and a black hat comes out the door. Anxious interviewers come rushing into his office when the guy pickes Michael Cole. He Starts to talk:

Michael Cole: Hello, I have just been informed that you walked out of the Vice President office. Now since you walked out of there, I assume that you are the Vice-President. Is this true? and Who are you?

The Guy: You are damn right that i am the Vice President! and if you want to know, I am the Deadly Flames! I fear no one and I will Prevail on anybody who thinks that they cannot lose to me. Yes, I have been good to other people in other feds, but this is different. And are you stupid? You dont know Flames? I am the ALWF Champion! I ad all the blood, sweat and guts to kick that unknown guy, Razor's ass! I am unstoppable! Now since I am the ALWF World Heavyweight Champion, I will keep it that way and make sure that no one will take over as the ALWF heavyweight Champion. The ALWF sucked so much until I came here, taked over and ruled the ALWF. Life isnt easy, Mike. You gotta fight to win and thats what I do. It takes all the strength that you have to win the Big One. I admit that I wasn't fit for the belt when I wasn't in wrestgling business' often but my skills show it. Flames will take charge of the ALWF and be Champion for a long time Michael. A Very long time.....

Michael Cole: Strong words from a very strong superstar and ALWF Heavyweight Champion, Flames.

:: The Scene opens back on backstage. Fire shoots from the air, as the ALWF Heavyweight Champion and The Vice-President, Flames comes out with his Heavyweight belt. The ALWFTron and the Arena is showing a pic of Flames and it dissapears into smoke. Then the pic looks like it's animated and comes towards the fans. Flames puts up his hand and the Smoke Vanishes and shows the Vice-President with a mic in hand. He gets into the ring, surrounded by flames and starts to talk. ::

Flames: Welcome all fans! Ladies, Gents and Children of all ages. If you saw the first-ever ALWF Sunday Night Beatdown, I kicked Razor's ass to become the first-ever ALWF World Heavyweight Champion! Now, with my partner and good friend, Prez Rock...

:: Fans cheer loudly ::

Flames: Because of him, I am the ALWF Vice President! Now besides other than being champion, and being Vice-President, I came here to accomplish three things. 1. I came here to KICK ASS

2. I came here to make the best damn stable that this fed has ever had! and 3. (WAITS PATIENTLY) #3. would have been to win the ALWF Heavyweight Championship but, I did that too early, so...... I want to face the person who thinks that they can beat me. Yeah, sure, all of you wrestlers backstage know that they can beat Flames. But you jus can't admit that because I am better than all of you and you all know it. The Flame is going to burn every single day, 24/7. So if nobody is afraid, I gladly accept whoever's challenge and since this is my appearence, I want whoever is going to face me to come out and prove whos better then me in a...... HELL IN A CELL!!!!!!!!. It could be AJ. It could be Jeff Rider. It could be Sting. IT COULD BE THE STUFFED TEDDY BEAR THATS ALWAYS IN DOWNTOWN, NY SHAKING HIS ASS!!!!!! So people beware........
Never Play with Flames..... Because you will get burned!

:: Flames drops the mic and leaves the ring as the ALWF takes it into a commercial break. ::