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USWF Spike Drive

:: After all of this comotion about USWF Spike Drive, The house show opens. The fans have just gotten their food, drinks, signs and anything else that they needed. Then... BAM!!! Pyro hits off of the arena as the fans Explode in anxiousism. There, Scott Sampson and Terry Williams are there in Ringside.

Scott Sampson: WELCOME to the USWF House Show!!! I am the one and only Scott Sampson and here, right next to me is the one of a kind, my good ol' friend and chubabmine, Terry Williams.

Terry Williams: Thank you about that comment. Well, I cant Wait! This Week is the Pay-Per-View, the first-ever USWF PPV, Spike Drive, Saturday March 23, 2002. The Main event, the Battle Royal to be the #1 Contender for the USWF Championship. Rumors are that even USWF President Flames is entering the Battle Royal himself. From Smoke, to Nick, all men of the USWF will be in the Battle Royal except for Pauly. Pauly, the USWF World/IC Champion, beat Smoke in that dreaded Depths of Hell match. Smoke was the USWF Champion at that time and Pauly was the IC Champion. Now, Pauly, just surviving that dreaded match, came out with both titles and a win as Nick "Surprized" Smoke by burning his face!!! Ohhhh... I just cant wait until Spike Drive, Live, only on Pay Per View.

Scott Sampson: Yep Terry, I can't wait either! A crowd of an estimated 75,000 ready fans is going to be there as 5 matches will be at Stake. The matches are:
World Championship Title Shot
Battle Royal
Every Person except for Pauly
IC Championship Matchup
Ladder Match
Pauly vs. TBA
Advanced Championship Matchup:
AJ vs. Nick
American Championship Matchup
Flaming Fury Match:
Animal vs. Jag
Tag-Team Championship Match
Infreno TLC Match:
Smoke & AJ vs. Pauly & Animal

:: As Scott Sampson and Terry Williams continue talking about USWF Spike Drive, the USWFTron is backstage, USWF President Flames getting interviewed by Alicia Johnson. The interview, just starting, begins when the cameramen zoom into President Flames' lockerroom. ::

Alicia Johnson: So, Mr. President, sir, It seems that there is a rumor that you, are going to star in your first-ever USWF match at the first-ever Pay Per View, Spike Drive. Will you or will you not participate in the Battle Royal or not. And if you do, do you have any thoughts concerning about this Battle Royal at Spike Drive?

President Flames: Well, All of you fans are so anxious to find out If, I President Flames will participate in the Battle Royal for the USWF #1 contender Shot. Well, after all of these days, we finally got a chance to move the card. YES!!! I, President Flames will enter this Battle Royal and I will win and get that title shot with Pauly. Just because I am President, doesn't mean that I can't fight. I am still a contender, and on my contract it says Owner/Wrestler. Therefore, I can wrestle anyone, anywhere, anytime. I have won World Championships in "lower Federations" and I will do so in my own federation. Alicia..... Never play with FLAMES...... Because you will get Burned!!!!

Alicia Johnson: Okay then... well Mr. President Flames I wish you best of luck in this matchup and I hope you will win.

President Flames: First of all, lets get something straight. I DO NOT NEED LUCK TO WIN MATCHES!!! I'm sorry I had to scream but a lot of people wish me good luck and i'm sick of that. Second of all, don't hope, Trust. Trust is the key to winning. Okay, Alicia, you've been here long enough to bore me so I suggest you leave. Thank you for the interview.

Alicia Johnson: You are Welcome...

:: The scene ends and goes back into the ring as the USWFTron turns off. ::

Terry Williams: Well... what an Interview! Yelling and Chaos and all of these other things that The President has to say. I can't believe that we work for him!

Scott Sampson: True that, Terry, That was Chaotic but look at the bright side, USWF Spike Drive is coming on Saturday, March 23, 2002 live on Pay Per View and the President does give us a lot of money. Hahaha!

:: BAM!!!!! The USWF President, Owner and CEO is here! Flames is here right after that interview of his. He comes down the ramp with a microphone in his hand. ::

President Flames: Welcome to the USWF House Show! If you don't know me by now, I am the USWF President, and my name is Flames. We have a hell of a lot of matches here and I just can't wait until Spike Drive. But I came here to talk about the PPV Spike Drive. I am in the final match, which is the Battle Royal! Alicia just made me have to tell. So.... What I said to Alicia, I meant to tell you. I am going to win the Battle Royal and face Pauly at Next weeks Fusion. I am acting a little concited, but I mean it! I have wrestled and won over 20 different World titles in those "Small Federations". But This is not a small federation. This is the USWF! (CROWD CHEERS) And what I am saying is that I am going to walk out the Number One contender whoever I have to get through. It could be AJ. It could be Nick. It could be the Stuffed Teddy Bear in Manhattan, waiting for people to touch his ass!!!! I am going to win this without a doubt. Because I am FLAMES And I have a famous saying through the years. Never Play with FLAMES Because you will get Burned!!!!!

:: The Scene Fades black and Into the commercial as it airs off ::