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:: The Scene is located at the Uprise Revolution Headquarters. A wrestler, Flames as he is called has been accepted to wrestle in Uprise Revolution to train for Lights Out Wrestling. With young rising stars in this federation, Flames must show everyone why he came here. Before he enters, A white limozine pulls up near Uprise Revolution Headquarters as the door Opens. It is Olga Tense, Flames' valet. ::

Flames: Hey Olga, it's been a long time since the incident.

Olga Tense: Yeah Flames, its been a long time since that incident. So, I have heard rumors that you will join Uprise Revolution and my butler told me you left a note on the kitchen table telling you to meet me here. Is this true? This doesn't seem to look like your handwriting.

Flames: I never wrote this...

Flames and Olga: Jane

Flames: So Jane did this again. Oh well, I needed you here anyway to tell you about this -- subject.

Olga Tense: What..? What did you want me to talk about?

Flames: I wanted to talk about --

:: Flames is interupted by Olga's cell phone call. She is called in for an emergency and is forced to leave. Before she left, she gave something to Flames.

:: Flames goes into the Uprise Revoultion Arena and goes to his lockerroom for an single oral announcement. The cameramen zoom into his lockerroom door as he starts to talk. ::

Flames: To all Uprise Revolution fans, I am making this announcement. For those of you who don't know who I am, I am Flames. Okay lets talk. I have my match against Annihilation at Exposure, July 26, 2002. Annihilation, you seem like you have no experience. A name like that comes up when your using the bathroom. I have a match against you on a 6 man tournament for the Uprise Revolution World Championship on Exposure. All I have to do is face and beat you, then I'll face the winner of Marcus Miller or Peroxwhygen against the next two people who join Uprise Revolution. I'll become the World Champion in The UR. Okay, now it's getting boring. Lets talk about Marcus Miller. Now Marcus, you seem like a great wrestler. You have orally proven that you are a good wrestler. Now all you have to do is physically prove that you are a good wrestler. If you beat Peroxwhygen at Exposure and when I beat the Annihilator and whoever beats whoever, I might face you in a 3 way World Championship Match. I know your not better than me and I know I am not better than you. So when it comes July 26, Exposure in the Tornament, I will beat Annihilator and the next event I will win the Triple Threat match. Now, moving on, Peroxwhygen. Where ya from? Vietnam?!?! Now talking serously, you too seem like a good wrestler. Say if Marcus Miller loses to you, it will be the other way around for you. The same thing I said to Marcus is the Same thing i'm saying to you. Next, we have Corey Morrison. You seem cool, I hope you beat Obituary and send him back to his grave! Now Nuke and Slash. Nuke, You've got the strength according to your weight... 336 pounds. But thats nothing. I benchpress over 400 pounds. Slash, I've been to London, England and there were nothing but people talking about the Loch Ness in Scotland. Do they even have a map there?? Well now, what i mean with all this comotion is I am going to win the Uprise Revolution World Championship and theres nothing anyone can do about it. So Never Play with Flames....... Because you will get burned!!!!!

:: The cameramen zoom out from Flames' lockerroom and go to the outside view of a bar. There a voice talks as the picture fades darker by the second.

When Its all said and done.......

:: The scene fades to black ::