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Insane as it gets
Taking the suspense
And I thrive....

Voices are surrounding
Feels like its pounding
And I thrive....

Truly Destined
Truly Hated
Just Dev-as-tated
And 216 lives on...

:: Fade In ::
:: The Scene fades in at the Pasadena Medical Hospital. If you werent there to see what happened with Flames' brother-in-law, Terry Daniels was in an accidental car crash and Olga Daniels Hart, Flames wife called him to come in with an "Authorized Husband signature". Flames and Betsy Hart were confused yet suspiciuous about everything that has happened that hour. When Flames and Betsy Hart reach the hospital, they see Olga Hart crying while Flames and Betsy Hart watch in fear while Terry Daniels slowly loses his strength. Flames goes to Olga to comfort her in her time of need. ::

Flames: Um... how did this all happen?

Olga Hart: I don't really