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Insane as it gets
Taking the suspense
And I thrive....

Voices are surrounding
Feels like its pounding
And I thrive....

Truly Destined
Truly Hated
Just Dev-as-tated
And 216 lives on...

:: The scene fades in the Hart Mansion. If you still can't figure out by now, but Flames, a legendary wrestler has made a sdden impact on LOW and now is concentrating on his matchup at LOW's Par-Per-View, Infinite. Only the greatest could survive in Lights Out Wrestling, and Flames has survived for his first three weeks. Here, The Insane Flame relaxes by playing video games with his son, Bobby Hart. Then they start to talk after playing 3 hours of different video games. ::

Flames: Well Bobby, I beat you again at Gran Turismo 3. When are you going to give up?

Bobby Hart: NEVER! Dad... I will never give up... I will beat you at your own game.

Flames: What, wrestling?

Bobby Hart: Don't worry dad... you'll never know.

:: Bobby Hart takes his Playstation 2 up to his room. Flames just stares at the TV for a few seconds. At the same time he gets up, his sister, Betsy Hart comes in and takes Bobby's Gamecube out. She takes out one of Bobby's Gamecube games out. Super Smash Bros. Melee. Flames knows exactly what she's going to do next. ::

Betsy Hart: Lets play.

Flames: Youre on!

:: Flames and Betsy Hart starts to play Super Smash Bros Melee. Flames picks his favorite character, Bowser. Betsy picks Peach. They start fighting. Flames has the edge for the first two minutes in the game, with an incredible 15 knockouts. Betsy only has 3 knockouts. But in the last three minutes into the game, Betsy Hart makes an incredible 30 knockouts which leaves Flames devastated. Betsy starts to do her party dance as Bobby Hart comes downstairs into the living room. Bobby could'nt belive what he was seeing. ::

Betsy Hart: Admit it Stan! I beat you in a game where you boast that you could beat anybody. Betsy Hart once again proves that she is better than wittle Stanley Hart.

Flames: Uh... my controller wasn't working. Seriously

Betsy Hart: Yeah... right. Tell it to the judge, because you still can't admit that I am better than you at every video game. Your wack! LOSER!!!

Bobby Hart: Haha dad. Aunt Betsy creamed you. I saw it with my own two eyes. Well, that still doesn't prove that I can beat you, but at least SOMEONE could.

Flames: Okay.... I've took enough heat... chill ok.

:: Betsy and Bobby Hart give each other high fives as Flames leaves the Hart Mansion. He then goes into that private Hart Gym, where the Hart's trained all day when they were kids. Flames takes his Gatorade Ice (strawberry flavored) and sees, his older brother Robert Hart, and his younger brother Jack Hart Jr.. They have lifted weights for hours and finally gives in. Flames starts to talk to them. ::

Robert Hart: Sup Stan. Um..., let me guess. Betsy beat you at video games again. I heard her doing her "Victory Dance". You could hear it from 5 miles.

Jack Hart Jr.: It's so true. If you bet Betsy all your money, you'll live on the streets. You'll be a disgrace to the Hart name.

Flames: What, do you want to settle this over a wrestling match?

Jack Hart Jr.: Yes…. But well what do you know, I have JUDO classes, so I can't today Stan.

Robert Hart: I am also busy Stan. I have to um... Have sex with my wife! See ya.

:: Jack Hart and Robert Hart leave the gym laughing. Flames has mysteriously dissapeared ever since his last matchup in LOW. His record is 1-2-0 and Flames knows that he has to do something about it. As Flames is about to leave the gym, a whole bunch of LOW Interviewers storm in the gym. Many want to interview him, namely Sarah Camion. The scene changes into Flames' lockerroom. Sarah Camion gets Flames to sit down and talk about his mysterious dissaperence in LOW. ::

Flames: You know Sarah, this is a PRIVATE gym. We Harts are very PRIVATE people.

Sarah Camion: I'm terribly sorry Flames. But I….

Flames: Well I have bigger problems now. All of you get out! Except for you cameramen. You can stay, I want to broadcast a message nationwide.

:: Everybody leaves except for the LOW Cameramen and then Flames follows them to a dim room in the Hart mansion. Flames sits down on a chair with some few flashlights and tells the LOW Cameramen to roll. Then Flames begins to talk. ::

Flames: It's been a very long time since we have talked. So I have a lot to say ever since my absence. I was mysteriously away because I wanted to spend my time training. Being a fierce warrior. But I still have a long way to go. I am still a youngster. I have not mastered anything in LOW. My record is 1-2-0. I will prove to everyone that I am still a great wrestler. I know now that for this weeks upcoming Realm, I do not have a match. I took off to train for one more week. I want to prove everyone wrong when I make my full return on next week's Realm. I know that many championships switched hands during the past two weeks. I congradulate Lotus for winning the LOW World Championship. I also wish good luck to Annihilation against his Realm title matchup. I will win a LOW championship very soon. I have decided to make an open challenge to anybody who is willing to fight me. But I know that they would never survive. In a ring with an opponent and I, the opponent wouldn’t know who he's up against. Hell, I almost feel sorry for him! There comes a time in every mans life where he has to do something unwillingly. Something regrettable. But I don’t regret anything that I do. I am Flames. And by now everybody shall know who I am. I will not be excluded. I will not give up. I will strike at my opponent. Give him everything I got and more. So there are always things you don’t want to do but have to. These are Desprate times, Desprate measures. Desprate Oppression.

:: Flames turns off his flashlight. The LOW Cameraman eventually leave the Hart mansion. There the phone rings. After three rings, Flames picks it up. There he answers, takes a pen and starts jotting down notes. ::

Flames: Hello. Yes this is the Hart mansion, Flames speaking. How may I help you? Yes. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. Ouch. Ok, so the address is 2000 Maine Avenue. Oh what happened. DAMNIT! Okay, I'll come. Buh-bye.

Betsy Hart: Oh hi Stan. Just getting some groceries since Jenkins is on his vacation. I see that you are mad…. Whats up?

Flames: You'll never guess what happened. You know Olga's brother, Terry. He's been in a recent car crash and is in a coma. I have to come there to get an "Authorized husband signature". What the hell is that?

Betsy Hart: I don't know, but I'll come with you.

:: Flames and Betsy Hart leave the mansion driving to the Pasadena Hospital Center. When they get there the following messages are heard over the intercom. "Dr. Kravitz, please report to the main office, you have a visitor waiting. Dr. Kravitz, Please report to the main office, you have a visitor waiting." "Dr. Mipson, your husband called for dinner. Dr. Mipson." "Stanley Hart, please report to room 209 for your brother-in-law's help in need and an Authorized husband signature for your wife. Stanley Hart".

Flames: That’s Me!

Betsy Hart: FINALLY.I thought they'd take FOREVER.

:: Flames and Betsy Hart get to the room where Olga Hart's crying. Right there on the hospital bed, Terry Daniels, Olgas brother looks like he's dead. ::

Flames and Betsy Hart: Ugh...

Flames: Now Terry is in Desprate Oppression.