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216 a success
And I thrive....

Training as hard as he can
Insanity takes a stand
And I thrive....

Not lost
Not weak
One true freak.....
And 216 was born.....

:: Fade In ::
:: The scene opens in a private gym near Pasadena, California. Flames is the only person training there. Lifting weights and dumbells and jogging, Flames has it made well. It seems that Flames' father, the legendary Jack Hart owns the gym, for friends and family. Around the gym, there is pictures of the Hart boys and their father, Jack Hart. Flames walks by and sees one picture of him about 10 years ago. He is wrestling with with Robert Hart, Flames' older brother. Another one is with Flames and his oldest brother, Matthew Hart, glaring at each others eyes while making a mean smile. Flames then goes to the main area. Flames is wearing a white headband, a white muscle shirt with 2 white wristbands. There he's wearing red gym shorts and white Nike AF-1 sneakers. He jogs for a while longer, as Flames' oldest brother, Matthew Hart comes in. He comes in with a huge 125 pound dumbell. Then he starts jogging, lifting that dumbell and they start talking to each other as Flames drinks a bottle of Gatorade. ::

Matthew Hart: Sup Stan, what your already in a junior wrestling program training against a bunch of losers? Hell, if I were you, I'll knock out everybody with a pack of a punch! But I'm not you. Anyway, congratulations on your match against uh... whats his name.... Virus, yeah! Never underestimate a Hart!

:: Flames spills some Gatorade on Matthew Hart, and starts to talk. ::

Flames: Shut up Matthew, your the oldest Hart in the family, and your getting pretty old yourself. How old are you... 39? 40?, that gray hair in your armpits seem to get bigger. And Matthew, this ain't no Junior wrestling program. This is Lights Out Wrestling. And if you went there, you would have been very easily beat up. I can see the Headlines now. "Matthew Hart: A disgrace to the Hart family." Matthew..., Master Matt, you see, I know you havent been wrestling in a long time. I happen to be in Lights Out Wrestling for quite a while. I already have 1 win, hell if you joined, you would have a bad start.

Matthew Hart: First of all Stan, I am 37... I ain't too old to whip ass in this kiddie wrestling program of yours. Mostly everyone here is young, Stan right now your 28... youngness shows how well you are. And if we had a re-match of when we were kids, i'd totally beat you. Well gotta run, keep on excersising those puny muscles of yours. You heard, I box now.. wrestling is getting tired... one day I'll fight Tyson or Lewis. Anyway... later much.

Flames: Yeah... very much later.

:: Matthew Hart leaves the gym as Flames continues to excercise. He starts punching a few items in the gym, jumps on a trampoline and lifts 50 pound dumbells. As he jogs on a jogging machine, he drinks Powerade, after finishimg his Gatorade. Then he turns off the jogging machine. As he rests for a few minutes, he finds a mirror and starts posing. He stops, and sees Lights Out Wrestling cameramen nearby. He sits on a chair, with a 20 pound dumbell on each hand. Flames then feels that his muscles are getting weak, so he decides to talk. ::

Flames: Hello there, I am just sitting here lifting dumbells at my fathers private gym. I am training to get ready and hyped up for my matchup at Lights Out Wrestling's secong Pay-Per-View, Infinite. I have a match against a whole bunch of losers for a number 1 contender shot at the Realm Championship. In an Arena Deathmatch which I am assuming is a battle royal. I face the following: Iron Lung vs. Smoker vs. Apocolypse vs. Heatseeker vs. Derek Vinyard vs. Sycthe vs. Rob Cavalera vs. Shane Sage vs. Joseph Magnus vs. Hardcore Syxx vs. Possibly More. I bet I can beat all of these newbies with my eyes closed. I already have one win in Lights Out Wrestling against the Virus in a Junkyard Brawl, which I totally took control in that match. I came out bleeding, but I won which gave me a good start in LOW. I know I can do better, andat LOW's Pay-Per-View, Infinite. I will prove that my first match in LOW wasn't a fluke. I will win that so called "Arena Deathmatch" and I will then be well off to win the LOW Realm Championship. I have something to say to everybody in this match now. Starting with Iron Lung. Iron Lung, you seem like a good wrestler, but the only problem is, proving it. I've proved of what I can accomplish in my first match, lets see what you can do. Smoker, you have made your debut a few moments ago, but you look like that you are easy to get through. I can beat you. Now onto Apocolypse. Apocolypse I haven't heard from you but you are not getting off the hook that easily. When I meet you in the ring at Infinite. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Next is Heatseeker. Heatseeker, it seems that you and I think alike. We seem to be used to being surrounded in fire. But Heatseeker, you are going to seek too far and come across the Insane Flame. And this Flame is so hot, the steam will burn out all the heat in you. And you have nowhere to hide. You will be a frozen fickle. Now Derek Vinyard. Vinyard, you may be a good wrestler because of you graduating from ICA, but the celebration is going to stop shortly. I believe that the wire will come down to you and I, and we will put on a hell of a show. I will put on a hell of a show. Literally. I made best friends with fire when I was a little kid. And we've been close in touch since. Derek Vinyard, you will meet fire for the first time and probably the last. Your graduation from ICA would mean nothing. If I were you, I'd stay in ICA for about 3 more months, just to make sure that you are the best. But I am not you Vinyard. I am Flames. Actions will speak louders than words when we meet last in the ring. Derek Vinyard, you will gain the most respect from me than anyone else. See you at Infinite. Next up, Sycthe. Sytche, I don't know you well, but I can assure you that you wont stay in the ring for long. Might be the first eliminated. Might be. Here now, we have "TwiZted" Rob Cavalera. You think that you may have the edge over everyone just because you've stayed in LOW the longest. That doesn't matter. I dont give a damn if you stayed in LOW until your 80, but that does not mean that you are better than me. I will make your nickname, "TwiZted" which actually matches you. You will be Twisted. Shane Sage. Wow... you make Shane Martin look like a bum. I bet you are another one of those people who never get noticed. You wont even be noticed in the Pay Per View, because you will be eliminated so fast, it would then be like you wasn't even there. Joseph Magnus. I don't know who you are. I don't care who you are. I havent heard from you but now... you are in the "Un Noticed" crowd. Like Shane Sage, you also will be un noticed in the Arena Deathmatch. Last but not least... actually I should say least because Hardcore Syxx, you are least to me. You are not important. You are in my way. A dead sprout. I will eliminate you so fast, Hardcore Syxx, they will take the "Hardcore" away from your name! And if I forgot anybody else, I will make sure that you will not cross The Insane Flame. Because if you do, you will regret it. If you don't, you will still regret it. So my friends, we will take things beyond Hardcore. Beyond Extreme..

:: The scene fades out of the gym where the LOW cameramen also fade out of the gym and go somewhere nearby. The LOW Cameramen arrive at The Hart Mansion, as we all know which is the household of Flames. The LOW cameramen search for Flames everywhere. They can't seem to find him. Flames finds them. ::


:: The LOW cameramen get so scared, you can hear their heartbeats from 6 feet away. So now, The LOW Cameramen follow Flames to one of the Guest rooms in the Hart Mansion. Flames site on a rocking chair. The room is an big room. It includes a 32 inch television, with a DVD player and surround sound. The walls are painted a navy blue color, Bed sheets are blue and white, and on the walls, there are posters of the Jack Hart Sr. and his Sons, posing and wrestling with each other. The floor carpeting is white. There, Flames starts to talk. ::

Flames: Well earlier I have said that I will face a whole bunch of LOW wrestlers at Infinite. A number one contender shot and the winner meets the winner of Tristan Belmont vs. Pax vs. Annihilation. I am destined to win this Arena Deathmatch at Infinite but what's more important is the LOW Realm Championship. The title is vacated now, so the winner has little time to hold on it after I face them and I beat them, and I will be 3-0-0 and to add to that, I will also become the LOW Realm Champion. If the winner is Tristan Belmont, then I will face him and be sure to find out his weaknesses to win. If the winner is Pax, I will have to work harder because it seems that Pax is more of a wrestler than Tristan Belmont. If the winner is Annihilation, then it will be a re-match of what happened in the Uprise Revolution. I lost that match against Annihilation, and I also lost my only shot at the Uprise Revolution World Championship, but I did not lose my dignity. I was the only wrestler without a win to get into Lights Out Wrestling. Marcus Miller and Annihilation had a 1-0-0 record. If you win Annihilation, we will put on a re-match that nobody in the world will forget. We will come out with cuts and brusies, but I will make sure that this time, I will come out the victor. I will hold onto my first piece of LOW gold, the LOW Realm Championship. And i'm just getting started. I didn't come here to LOW to win a title with less value that the World Championship. I am keeping my eye on the LOW Championship. But for now, I am looking at the LOW Realm Championship. I am focused on winning the Arena Deathmatch and to face the Realm Champion, whoever wins at Infinite. So Tristan Belmont/Pax/Annihilation, whoever wins the matchup, and the Realm Championship, hold on to it tight, because I will make sure you experience all of my moves. So I am warning you all, Don't run with sissors, Don't play with matches, Never play with Flames... Because you will get burned! So now, all members of the arena deathmatch, I am giving you a chance to give up... or you then shall regret that you have crossed the Insane Flames' path. You all people are destiny. I am DYNASTY! And the dynasty will begin when I, the Master of Brutality wins the Arena Deathmatch, and when I win the Realm Championship. But Dynasty isn't over. My Dynasty isn't over...

:: The scene fades to black as Flames throws a match out the window. After the LOW cameramen leave the Hart household, softly a voice is heard... ::

Insane as it gets
Taking the suspense
And I thrive....

Voices are surrounding
It feels like its pounding
And I thrive

Truly Destined
Truly Hated
Just Dev-as-tated
And 216 lives on

:: The sound stops as the scene fades to black. ::